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Want to Learn How to Market Like the Pros? Keep On Reading.

Two Unusual Ways To Improve Your SEO Skills

One of the wonderful things about working in digital marketing is that there is always more to learn. Newcomers and people who have worked in the field for years will find that they can learn from one another. This is particularly true when it comes to SEO skills. In some ways, that can seem very daunting. SEO is like an [...]

Interdisciplinary Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an intersection of many related disciplines. As the field grows, it is important to explore how interdisciplinary digital marketing and how they work together. This lesson is for many people. It helps marketers understand the many jobs they are carrying at once. Business owners can understand the coverage they are getting when they hire digital marketers. Finally, [...]

Top Five Digital Marketing Mistakes

If you are starting a new company or project, the process is always exciting. Many business owners are eager to share their hard work with people, and that can be achieved through marketing. Unfortunately, in this eagerness it is easy to make a misstep. Digital marketing is particularly prone to mistakes because of how often the digital landscape changes. Read [...]

The Basics of Building A Personal Brand

Personal brands are a small part of the ever-expanding world of digital marketing. But a personal brand is not limited to Instagram influencers and e-commerce sites. Read on to learn some tips for building a strong personal brand and why personal brands are importance in today’s marketplace. Why A Personal Brand Is So Important  No matter what field you work [...]

Four Ways To Improve How You Market To Smartphones

In America, 96% of the population owns cellphones. The total number of Americans that own smartphones is up to 81% of the population. For anybody following digital marketing, this huge population is impossible to ignore. Examining more numbers, it is easy to see that a quarter of U.S. adults spend a majority of their time on the Internet. With increased [...]

2 Major Ways That Artificial Intelligence is Influencing Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence – commonly called AI – is essentially inescapable in this digital age. From the predictive text feature on text messaging apps to Google search result, AI permeates our life in little ways. For digital marketing, AI is an increasingly important component to the field. Read on to learn two ways that artificial intelligence is impacting digital marketing. Recommendations [...]

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