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Want to Learn How to Market Like the Pros? Keep On Reading.

Google Announces a June Broad Core Algorithm Update. What Should You Do?

Google recently announced a new broad algorithm update for June. While this might seem like a big deal (and it is), it's not as earth shaking as it might seem. Google makes frequent updates to its algorithm, sometimes daily. Broad core updates happen less frequently... usually every few months.   So what does this one do? Well, like updates in [...]

New Study Shows One in Four Are Using Voice Search Weekly

Voice search is growing, and sites that aren't optimized for voice will lose out as a larger portion of the market adopts this new feature. In a new study released by Uberall, a location marketing company, it's been found that 21% of all people using search are using voice search on a weekly basis.   How often are people using [...]

A few ways to help you get better a closure rate on your paid ads

A Better Closure Rate on Your Google Ads If you want to make a big impact quickly, in most cases you really can't do better than Google Ads. However, not every potential customer is ready to pull the trigger right now. In this article, the Emu team will explore some of the ways you might be able to capture some [...]

SEO Quality Content: Win the Game or Game the System?

We like to stay on top of our game, so we have been keeping a really close eye on the core algorithm update Google rolled out August 1st, nicknamed the "Medic" update. On one of the SEO-related forums we frequent, we found a post from a user who was dealing with a lot of frustration with Google's latest changes: [...]

HVAC Web Design – Best Practices in HVAC Digital Marketing

The HVAC industry is one of our favorite industries to work with, and contractors have some really specific needs when it comes to HVAC web design and HVAC digital marketing. In this article, we are going to be focusing on the HVAC industry specifically. We want to talk about some of the digital marketing strategies that work best for AC [...]

5 Online Marketing Ideas for Small Business That Get Results

Many small business owners are experts at what they do. When it comes to marketing online, however, many employ strategies or waste energy on tactics that just flat out don't work. Even worse, some of these tactics might end up hurting their business in the long run. At Emu, our job is to guide our clients towards specific strategies they [...]

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