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Want to Learn How to Market Like the Pros? Keep On Reading.

What Not To Do With SEO

SEO is a very technical and very specialized field. There are a lot of considerations to make in order to improve your website’s rankings. Unfortunately, this means there are also many examples of "what not to do" that can tank your search engine rankings. Therefore, it is important to have an SEO specialist working on your side to help you [...]

Google On URL Keywords

According to Google’s John Mueller, “The SEO effect of keywords in the URL is minimal once the content is indexed. Make URLs that work for your users, not for SEO.” Google has previously stated that keywords in URLs are a small factor and an overrated SEO factor. What this means for your business is that you do not need to [...]

Microsoft Advertising Partners with Shutterstock

The right images to complement your advertising campaign can really make or break the connection to your target audience. There is a need to keep things new and fresh. However, finding just the right image can be time consuming and costly, especially if you are always on the hunt for new images with each campaign. But Microsoft Advertising has recently [...]

Audience Context & Advertising

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could write an ad that specifically addresses each customer’s individual needs? Unfortunately, that is not possible, but there are tools out there to help you get as close to that as realistically possible. Read on to learn the importance of audience context and advertising. There is no bigger hurdle in advertising than finding your [...]

Google Analytics For Business Owners

If your goal is to grow your business and increase traffic to your website - use Google Analytics. But what is Google Analytics? And how can business owners make the most of this tool? What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a tracking tool that allows you to see more information about how your website is performing. It also tracks [...]

Facebook Ads: An Introductory Guide

If you are just stepping into the world of digital marketing, you might be wondering about advertising on social media. As it stands right now, Facebook is still the largest social media platform with over 2.6 billion active users monthly worldwide with 190 million of those just in the United States. For those who are looking to get ahead in [...]

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