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Google Shared It’s Top 3 Ranking Factors. Here’s What They Are.

Google releases frequent updates to its algorithm, and they rarely tell us what those changes do or what, if anything, you can do to prepare. As a result, superstition and myths abound in the SEO industry. Enter Google’s SEO Myth Busters episode one. Martin Splitt, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, gave us some insight on what the top 3 SEO factors [...]

4 Digital Marketing Strategies for Tampa Businesses

The Tampa area is growing rapidly, both in businesses and in population. Studies within the last few years have shown that Tampa is a popular city to move to, especially for younger millennials. So how can you stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace? As Tampa’s population becomes more and more tech savvy the answer becomes evident – digital marketing. [...]

Google Announces a June Broad Core Algorithm Update. What Should You Do?

Google recently announced a new broad algorithm update for June. While this might seem like a big deal (and it is), it's not as earth shaking as it might seem. Google makes frequent updates to its algorithm, sometimes daily. Broad core updates happen less frequently... usually every few months.   So what does this one do? Well, like updates in [...]

New Study Shows One in Four Are Using Voice Search Weekly

Voice search is growing, and sites that aren't optimized for voice will lose out as a larger portion of the market adopts this new feature. In a new study released by Uberall, a location marketing company, it's been found that 21% of all people using search are using voice search on a weekly basis.   How often are people using [...]

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