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Google’s New Product Feed for Video Ads

Google's New Product Feed for Video Ads There's good news for brands that use Video campaigns. In recent days, Google rolled out an update that is set to change how shoppable ads are. If you're using Video campaigns, you and your brand can show even more during your ads. The company announced that brands would be able to show product [...]

Did Google Throttle Page Speeds?

Did Google Throttle Page Speeds? A recent complaint against Google recently had its details unredacted. If true, sections of this complaint could damage its trust with publishers. The search engine goliath's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) were meant to improve mobile web performance. The allegation claims that it was a scheme to pressure companies into using the format. The allegation claims [...]

Amazon Sellers Express Frustrations with Company

Amazon Sellers Express Frustrations with Company In November, Amazon sellers held their AMZ Innovate event in New York City. There was a lot of grumbling and unhappiness at the event, though. Many people feel that Amazon presents them with undue challenges, due in part to their algorithms. Their dissatisfaction spoke to a general truth that many Amazon sellers are noticing... [...]

Twitter & Their New Product Carousel

Twitter recently launched a feature called 'Shop Modules'. This is a section at the top of user-profiles where various brands can showcase their products. The company said in an announcement that this pilot program is a way to explore how shopping profiles generate sales. Right now, only a few select brands are getting roll outs in the U.S. market. Additionally, [...]

Recent Google Developments

Fact Check Guidelines Have Changed Google recently made developments around the fact check ClaimReview data structure guidelines to disallow multiple ClaimReview flags per page. As of now, users only get a single ClaimReview element per page. Google wrote that it "removed guidance about hosting multiple fact checks per page". As a result, eligibility for the single fact checks rich result [...]

Why Did Google Update So Much at Once?

Back in June, a core update finished on the 12th. Then, a second core update (the page experience update) rolled out on the 15th. The second core update will continue through to the end of August. There were also two parts to an update on spam management, and another core update in July. With so many rapid and sweeping changes, [...]

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