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Industry News From Around the World of Website Design and SEO.

Why Did Google Update So Much at Once?

Back in June, a core update finished on the 12th. Then, a second core update (the page experience update) rolled out on the 15th. The second core update will continue through to the end of August. There were also two parts to an update on spam management, and another core update in July. With so many rapid and sweeping changes, [...]

Significant Changes for Broad Match Modifiers (BMM)

Back in February, Google announced changes to its phrase match services. The expansion of phrase match will include BMM traffic, but it also means significant changes to what you can and can't do with phrase match. Starting in late July, companies lost the ability to create new broad match modifiers with the +keyword notation. However, existing BMM keywords will continue [...]

Microsoft Introduces Unified Smart

At the end of April this year, Microsoft held its annual conference, Elevate. While they certainly had a lot to talk about, one of the big new announcements was the introduction of Unified Smart, a single source wherein a business can manage all of its advertising needs across multiple platforms. If it sounds too good to be true, think again. [...]

Google’s Small Business Advisors Program

Google has started a program geared towards small businesses to give some guidance and advice on how to become better marketers on Google. Designated professionals dubbed Small Business Advisors, will be leading 50 minute individualized consulting sessions on a range of products. From Google My Business, to Ads, and Analytics, the sessions cover everything. Surprisingly, they even include YouTube in [...]

Google’s Antitrust Case and What it Mean for Apple

Recently the Department of Justice, along with eleven state attorney generals, filed a civil suit against Google for violating antitrust laws. The goal is stop Google from creating and maintaining monopolies in search and search advertising markets which they claim Google does through the use of anticompetitive and exclusionary practices. In the light of this suit, many are left wondering [...]

AI Innovations at Bing

In an effort to compete with other search engine, Bing carries on with its AI innovations. Those improvements include autosuggest features, expansion of “People Also Ask”, and growth of the intelligent answer features. Read on to learn all about these AI innovations at Bing. History of Bing Before we look to the future of Bing, let’s look at its past. [...]

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