Digital Marketing for Pest Control Businesses

We Grow Pest Control Businesses Just Like Yours with Proven Digital Marketing Strategies.

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Our agency knows the keywords, channels, and tactics that drive growth for local pest control companies. We would love to work with you.

Digital Marketing for Pest Control Companies

Using only tried-and-true digital marketing strategies that are tested and proven to work, Emu Web Marketing helps grow pest control businesses just like yours. Our agency possesses the knowledge on all the most optimal keywords, channels, and tactics to help your pest control company grow, and we would love to start working with you.

pest control digital marketingEfficient, quality marketing for pest control companies is difficult to come by, and here at Emu Web Marketing, we know that it can be tough to keep the phones ringing and your exterminators busy in the field, and salespeople out of the field. It’s possible that you’ve even already tried another online marketing service that made good-looking promises to you only to deliver results that left you and your business unsatisfied.

With Emu Web Marketing, you won’t be partnering with a company that does generic marketing that gets neutral results all over the board–you’ll be partnering with us and our dedicated team of pest control marketing experts, who actually understand the ins and outs of the industry and target your marketing to your needs.

This industry is one of our favorites to work with, and when it comes to the marketing of pest control, we know what works and what doesn’t–which is completely disconnected from the marketing of other types of businesses–and take pride in being transparent about our reporting as well as our ability to offer clients results that are properly tangible.

Social Media and the Pest Control Market

Expanding your visibility to new customers and staying on the top of your audience’s mind through the use of social media advertising is a cinch with the help of Emu’s experienced professionals. Websites and apps like Instagram and Facebook have come to be powerful engines for generating leads and encouraging Blue Like Comment Symbol for pest control social media managementgrowth, which is why our marketing professionals tightly target your ads and adhere to your budget so you can get the most from your dollar.

More and more often these days, social media is becoming a prominent place for potential customers to find businesses like yours, instead of word of mouth or the Yellow Pages like it used to be. You’ll want to be front and center when they do, so Emu Web Marketing is eager to work with you and see how we can help your business with its social media presence.

We also can help the sustainability of your pest control company with email newsletters that give your existing customers updates about your business and the services you have available, include the promotion of specials, and will have your business at the front of their minds in a non-intrusive but still engaging manner in addition to giving helpful tips and articles on pest control.

Search Engine Optimization

We have a specialization in local search engine optimization for pest control businesses here at Emu so that you can attract more customers local to your target service area(s) that are in need of pest control. The local SEO technique we use focuses on marketing your pest control company where it matters the most–where your customers are. We choose to use only reputable and proven-reliable SEO practices, and we even have a special team specifically for pest control SEO to make sure the traffic that’s driven to you is just the kind you’re looking for.

All of our pest control marketing experts know the keywords to target in order to naturally increase your business’ online visibility and help you reach customers that will be interested in your most profitable services, in the most important areas you serve.

Emu Web Marketing’s Custom Content Development

Keeping your pest control company trusted and relevant in your target market is exactly why Emu Web Marketing has a team of copywriters and graphic artists that work to develop content related to pest control continuously that we regularly publish right to your company or site blogs, social media, and Google listings to drive up your SEO and set your business apart from the competition.

We know how important it is for your business to become a leader in the local pest control industry, and content marketing is proven to both create and build relationships with your customers and potential customers, making it an essential part of a long-term and sustainable digital marketing strategy.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns with Google Ads

The advertising budget of any business in any industry can be pretty tight, including businesses in pest control. That’s why Emu Web Marketing is here to help you get more for your money with pest control marketing that really works.

pest control google ads marketingOur pay-per-click opportunities focused primarily on pest control will help you reach the short-term goals you have in mind for increasing the online visibility of your business, are designed exclusively for use within the pest control industry, and have been tested and approved by business leaders in pest control.

Partnering with Emu Web Marketing will help you expand your business by driving the right kind of leads to your pest control business both quickly and effectively, thanks to our reliable and reputable methods. Plus, all of our digital marketing is trackable and you can get a clear look at your ROI any time, unlike some other digital marketing companies who keep you in the dark about their methods and reports.

Taking advantage of Google’s Local Service Ads allows you to advertise your business at the very top of their search; above maps, organic listings, and paid search, which makes it a no-brainer to get your foot in the door. Emu Web Marketing’s professionals will help you through the process of screening and verification with Google so that you and your business can be “Google Guaranteed.”

Pest Control Marketing and Web Design by Emu

With Emu, you can have a beautiful website focused on pest control that doesn’t just look good, but is built for the success of your business.  We know the core of digital marketing strategies are reliant on websites that focus on sales, are mobile-friendly, and are optimized for top search engine results, which allows us to make sure that your pest control company is at the top of the list for consumers that are interested in what you and your business are offering.

We offer websites that are built using the WordPress platform at Emu, and design them specifically to optimally position your pest control business for future web development as well as potential changes to the industry. We proudly offer our clients the ability to create custom websites for their business that are not only fast, optimized, and mobile-friendly, but ones that you can be proud to look at and say, “That’s mine!”

Each website that we create together with our clients aims to be more than just an online brochure for their company–they are focused on transforming visitors into customers, and making them feel good about choosing your business for pest control service.

Managing Your Pest Control Company’s Reputation

Emu Web Marketing is equipped with all the best reputation management tools and techniques in the industry and are proud to provide you with social proof that helps you turn your very own exterminators and specialists into magnets for lead-generation that will add geo-located, Google-crawlable data to your websites and boost local reviews of your business.

When you first hear it, something like that sounds like it takes a lot of work, but Emu makes it simple. All of your employees will be provided with a phone-accessible app that enables them to check in at every job as well as make review requests to every customer they serve. We’ve proven through our usage of this method that this results in more 5-star reviews, which then leads to more traffic, and even more leads for your business, generating a fantastic cycle for growth.

Everything We Do Ties Back to Your ROI

Owners of pest control businesses are a lot like us. They are hard working, no nonsense people who do what they say they will do and expect the same of us.  Our service is built from the ground up for the pest control industry, with all of the elements working toward a single goal: more customers for your business.

Website Development

Our clients are provided with custom, gorgeous, fast, optimized, and mobile-friendly sites that are much more than an electronic brochure: they are focused on converting visitors into pest control customers and making them feel good about that choice.

Social Proof

We provide your pest control techs with a phone app that allows them to check in at every job and send a review request to every customer. This generates 5 more star reviews and higher rankings, resulting in more traffic and more leads.


Our pest control marketing experts know what keywords to target to increase your organic visibility and help you reach the customers for your most profitable services in the most important areas you serve.


We target the areas, demographics, and terms that put your ads in front of the most interested potential customers consistently and effectively. Our PPC campaigns trounce the competition and drive measurable results.

Google Local Services

Local Service Ads allow you to advertise your business at the very top of Google Search – above paid search, maps, and organic listings. We walk you through the Google screening and verification process to become “Google Guaranteed”.

Link Building

We help build links to your site from authoritative sources that are centered on pest control topics. Beyond the SEO and traffic benefits, this also helps to establish you as a leader in the pest control industry.

Custom Content

Our team of pest control copywriters develop custom, original content and blogs on pest-control topics regularly. Customers and potential customers are shown helpful pest control tips and articles, helping you stay top-of-mind.

Email Marketing

We help you promote specials, provide updates, and stay top-of-mind with your existing customers with helpful and non-intrusive monthly email newsletters that offer engaging pest control tips and articles.

Get a Marketing Report on Your Existing Website Instantly, with Actionable Suggestions to Improve Your Traffic. On Us.

Local SEO for Pest Control Marketing

Your best new pest control customers are right next door. Trust our pest control marketing to ring the doorbell.

The experts at Emu specialize in local SEO for pest control companies just like yours, attracting more local clients who are looking for pest control services in your target area. Local SEO focuses your pest control marketing in the most important place—where your customers are. Our SEO team specializes in the pest control industry, and drives traffic using only reputable SEO practices.

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pest control website design

Pest Control Marketing and Website Design

Pest control websites built for success.

The core of your digital strategy is built on a mobile-friendly, sales-focused, search engine optimized website that puts your pest control business in front of interested consumers in your market. We build all of our sites on the WordPress platform, ensuring that your pest control business will be well positioned for future web development and industry changes.

Pest Control Marketing and Content Development

Use pest control marketing to build trust and relevance with your target market.

Our team of copywriters and graphic artists develop ongoing pest control content that we publish on your site blog, social media, and Google listing regularly, driving your SEO and setting you apart from the competition as an industry leader. Content marketing creates and builds relationships with your target audience of pest control customers, so it’s essential to a sustainable and long term digital marketing strategy.

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Pest Control Marketing on Social Media

Expand your visibility and stay top of mind with your target audience.

Because social media advertising allows the experts at Emu to tightly target your budget and ads, advertising on channels such as Facebook can be a powerful engine for generating leads and growth for pest control companies. Your prospective customers turn to social media to find businesses like yours, and we’ll help you be out in front when they do.

Pay-Per-Click campaigns with Google Ads that get results.

Get more from your advertising budget with pest control marketing that works.

Our pest control PPC services can help you reach short-term goals for increasing your pest control businesses online visibility. Our system was designed exclusively for the pest control industry and tested by pest control business leaders. Emu can grow your audience and drive the right kinds of pest control leads to your business quickly and effectively. All of our digital marketing is trackable, so you have a clear picture of your ROI.

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Manage the Reputation of your Pest Control Company.

Esse Quam Videri.” It means “to be rather than to seem.

We create social proof by giving you the best reputation management tools in the industry, transforming your pest techs into lead generating magnets, boosting your local reviews, and adding geo-located, Google-crawlable data to your site.

Look, we get it. Good pest control marketing is hard to find.

As the owner of a pest control company, it can be a challenge to keep your phones ringing and your technicians busy. If you’re like many home service contractors, you have probably sought help from an internet marketing provider that made a lot of promises, but delivered mediocre results.

That’s why it’s so important to partner with an internet marketing company that understands the pest control industry. At Emu Web Marketing, we’re not jacks of all trades, we’re pest control industry experts.

We know what works and what doesn’t. Tangible results and transparent reporting are all part of our proven process.


We’d love to show you how.

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