The Top Keywords for Ranking Your Pest Control Company.

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Top Pest Control Keywords for SEO

One of the most important components of search engine optimization (SEO) for your pest control website is keyword research. Knowing the top keywords and key phrases people search for allow you to optimize your site, pages, and content and drive valuable traffic.

Based on research done by the team at Emu (reviewing the historic trends on Google, Yahoo and Bing), we have developed a list of the most commonly searched keywords for the Pest Control industry.

Most Commonly Searched Pest Control Keywords for SEO

Keyword Monthly Search Volume
pest control 135,000
pest control near me 110,000
exterminator 74,000
termite treatment
what do termites look like 33,100
bed bug treatment 33,100
how to get rid of roaches 33,100
bed bug exterminator 18,100
fumigation 14,800
termite inspection 14,800
termite control 12,100
flea treatment 8,100
rodent control 8,100
bee removal 8,100
bed bug removal 6,600
mice exterminator 6,600
rat exterminator 4,400
wasp nest removal 3,600
flea exterminator 3,600