Great Keywords for Pest Control Companies

No matter how perfectly executed, the success of your pest control company’s SEO campaign depends on the target keywords you use. As your company continues to use the right keywords in its search engine optimization techniques, it will get more and more organic traffic from Google.

Choose wrong, and you’ll be left in the dust while your competition shoots past you. Don’t let that discourage you, though! It might shock you, but there are more than 2,900,000 online searches for pest control companies every month, in America alone!

Optimizing your website with the Top SEO keywords for pest control companies will provide you with hits that complement those generated through referrals and other traditional advertising methods. Here are the Top SEO Keywords for pest control companies in the United States courtesy of the Google Keyword Planner.

The 50 Best SEO Keywords for Pest Control Companies

Keyword  Avg. Monthly Searches Competition
pest control 165,000 High
pest control near me 165,000 High
exterminator 110,000 High
exterminator near me 110,000 High
termite treatment 33,100 High
pest control services 27,100 Low
bed bug treatment 40,500 High
mosquito control 22,200 High
fly killer 9,900 High
wasp nest removal 9,900 Medium
rodent control 18,100 Medium
flea beetle 12,100 Low
pest control companies near me 18,100 High
terminix near me 12,100 Medium
best pest control near me 9,900 High
orkin near me 9,900 Medium
pest control services near me 2,900 High
bee removal 14,800 Medium
bed bug exterminator 22,200 Medium
pest control companies 14,800 Medium
bee removal near me 6,600 High
termite treatment cost 8,100 High
bed bug exterminator near me 14,800 Medium
grub killer 4,400 High
fruit fly killer 9,900 High
spider killer 5,400 High
rat exterminator 8,100 Medium
aphid control 4,400 High
lawn grubs 12,100 High
bug killer 4,400 High
wildlife removal 9,900 Low
rat control 4,400 Medium
pest management 1,900 Medium
most effective bed bug treatment 3,600 High
fumigation services 880 High
servsuite 4,400 High
rodent control near me 4,400 High
best pest control 6,600 Medium
bat removal near me 5,400 Medium
termite control near me 8,100 Medium
best cockroach killer 2,400 High
ant control 9,900 Medium
home pest control 4,400 High
wasp removal 6,600 Low
mouse exterminator 3,600 High
cockroach control 1,000 Medium
rat exterminator near me 4,400 High
organic pest control 2,900 High
termite killer 4,400 High
ant exterminator 9,900 Medium


How Pest Control Companies Can Leverage Top SEO Keywords

Pest control companies that want to rank well for the most important search terms should pay attention to these 7 components:

  1. Implementing practices that ensure your website works well on mobile devices, loads quickly, and protects users’ personal information.
  2. Creating content that will rank highly in search engines for keywords related to pest control companies.
  3. Improving your content, title tags, headings and meta descriptions to make sure that they include the keyword you want to rank for.
  4. Understanding and using your Google My Business Profile to its fullest.
  5. Making sure your local listings have the same consistent NAP (Name, Address Phone Number) across all of them.
  6. Creating a blog that includes well-written, regularly updated posts with keywords and phrases used in relevant ways.
  7. In your text, you should use photos and videos that have been optimized with the top SEO keywords for pest control companies.

The Three Steps You Need to Take to Rank Well 

To rank #1 in search results for your area, you must implement a number of key components and execute them correctly every time. We understand that our websites need to be optimized and search engine indexed—but here are the three main factors you should keep in mind to rise above the rest.

  • Local SEO

It is important to optimize your website for local searches. Local SEO targets customers searching within a specific geographic location, which can help you reach a core audience and grow sales revenue. One-third of all search engine traffic goes to the first three results on a Google page. So if you have optimized your website for local SEO, chances are 33% of all online searches related to your business will include that specific keyword users are searching for.

To determine which keywords will be the most valuable to your company, we must first analyze traffic trends and search volumes. We then create content based on these keywords in order to draw potential clients. The third step in our process is to optimize your Google Business Profile so that it appears local maps searches and general search results. In the final phase, we’ll show you how to monitor the success of your Local SEO campaign with Google Analytics.

  • On-page SEO

One of the main ways we help pest control companies rank well in search engines is through on-page SEO. This is the process of making small changes to each page in order to make your website rank higher on search engines and attract more traffic.

That means you’ll be able to rank well in search results not only when people look for your company by name, but also when they search for important keywords related to the services or products that you offer. Our SEO specialists will also craft effective meta tag titles and descriptions for your content so that you can successfully rank higher in search engines like Google.

  • Off-page SEO

Do you notice how your company’s search results appear differently depending on the location of the person searching? That is because there are different Domain Ratings in each country. This rating can give you a good idea of how successful your site is on its own. Our off-page SEO services for pest control companies focus on attracting high-quality websites to link back towards your business. This technique helps ensure that your website can be found no matter where a potential customer is searching from geographically.

Now that you’ve learned all the tools of the trade and what we can bring to the table for your business, we hope that you’ll choose Emu Web Marketing in your quest to make your company stand out among the crowd. Utilizing keywords and key phrases, on, off-page, and Local SEO, we will help you get thousands of unique hits every month, and that’s a promise.