How to Give Your Pest Control Business More Traffic

Your competition is never resting. Having a website is a great first step – It’s essential to doing business in this modern age. However, a website alone isn’t enough to create a business. Wondering why your pest control website is costing you more money than it’s making? If you are, don’t worry – It happens to many small businesses. This is the article for you. We’ll cover ways you can generate more traffic on your website and go over other ways to increase the work your site does for you.

What is Web Traffic?

To give an easy definition, web traffic is just how many users are clicking on your site. We measure traffic in page clicks or visits. In comparison, many people will consider their website successful if they get a lot of traffic, but that might not be so. Traffic, it turns out, isn’t everything. You can still have an unsuccessful website with a lot of traffic… But success starts with visits.

How Do You Encourage Traffic?

You can employ a few simple tricks to ensure your website gets the traffic it deserves. These include using local keywords, designing a good website, and managing your location. Let’s go over each of these briefly.

What Are Local Keywords, And Why Are They Important?

While it’s important to include keywords like pest control, pest management, and home pest removal… What can be more important is the location. For example, if you have a pest control website in Tampa Bay and never mention Tampa, how will your potential customers find you? Most of your traffic will come from people way out of town.

Instead, focus on using shorter terms that mention your location. Again, let’s say you live in Tampa Bay. Try keywords like Tampa Pest Control, Tampa Florida Pest Removal, or Tampa Exterminator. Even if you’re not an extermination service, many people will search for them when they really need pest control.

Ranking for pest control alone won’t help you. You want to narrow it down. When possible, narrow things down further. Tampa is a big place, after all! Go as close to home as possible without getting down to street names.

Why is Web Design Important for Pest Control?

Well-designed websites are a must. Search engines factor your web design into their rankings pretty heavily. Can users find information on your website easily? Can they find out how to contact you at a glance? Is there something keeping users on your website? The difference between a good website and an effective website is design.

You want high-quality images that load fast. You also want a website to be “lightweight.” This means that when a user opens your page, it doesn’t slow down their browser or “lock-up.” If a page freezes every couple of seconds as something new loads, people will go elsewhere. Finally, consider putting a search box on your website so users can find out what you offer. This is a must if you have a big site with many pages. By designing a good website, more customers will find and call you after finding you.

What is Pest Control Location Management?

This is the process of turning your visits into jobs. If somebody looks at your website, great! But it’s even better if they give you a call and become a customer. Location management ensures the information on your website, and the information about your business online, is accurate.

Be sure search engines return up-to-date information. This includes your business name, address, and how to reach you. Keep a current phone number and e-mail address on your website… And make sure that your search engine results pages have this information. If you Google your business, do you get accurate information? If not, update it immediately. Update your Google Business Profile today – And if you don’t have one, set it up!

That’s an important part of Location Management. If you had a Google My Business profile before, chances are you’re out of date… Google no longer offers that service!

A Passing Thought

If your website isn’t getting traffic, you aren’t getting business. If you’re getting traffic but not business… Consider things from a customer’s perspective. Why should they use YOUR service? You can answer this question with a tagline that focuses on the benefits of your service.

Use real photos of your business. Use photos of YOUR office, YOUR truck, and YOUR work front and center. Stock photos hurt trust. If people can tell that you’re a real business, they’re more likely to call you. If they see you instead of some model, all the better. There’s a lot to generating trust, traffic, and conversions.

Emu Marketing Can Help

We’ve got experience building effective, well-designed pest control websites. We’ll handle SEO and page leads for your pest control business. So get in touch with us today and enjoy the benefits of effective, high conversion traffic.