End of the Year Pest Control Trends

As 2022 enters the end of its summer months, we have a pretty good look at what to expect from 2023 pest control trends. The pest control industry, like all industries, is going through some exciting changes. Some of these might be a little subtle or confusing, especially if you own a pest control business. In this article, we’d like to take some time to cover some of the promising changes we see arriving in Fall and carrying through to 2023.

Rat Baits Falling Out of Fashion

Early on last year a law passed in California banning anticoagulant rat baits. The reason behind the law was to protect animals from accidental poisoning. Pets, wildlife – Even children can fall victim to anticoagulant rat baits. The EPA followed suit and now “second-generation” rat baits are being banned all over.

In response, many manufacturers are reverting to using potentially more poisonous, dangerous chemicals like cholecalciferol. If that sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the same thing in your vitamin d3 supplements! It can be very dangerous for your pets and other animals as it can stay in the system much longer. In response, using poisoned baits for rats is becoming less popular in general.

Eco-Friendly is In

Part of the loss of popularity for poisoned rat baits is due to a trend towards “going green.” Many outlets are praising the decreasing use of pesticides, so the days of spraying supply gung-ho may be a thing of the past. Leveraging these positions can ensure an attractive presence to conscientious customers. Products that leave less of a trace and don’t impact the environment are very popular right now. Even though pesticides are still necessary in some situations, they are no longer the be-all-end-all solution they once were.

Focus on Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management, IPM, is a standard method of pest control that places a focus on protecting the environment. It also uses methods of pest control that are generally safer than pesticides. Because pest control specialists know that just spraying for vermin and leaving poison won’t solve the problem, you probably already use IPM.

There are a variety of IPM methods that can last into 2023 and beyond. By being willing to remove sources of pest problems you add value to your business. Removing garbage, clearing drains, and maintaining other

Customers are starting to notice when companies place a focus on IPM as well. They understand that long term pest solutions offer the best value for their money. Being sure to make this a focus of your website will help drive traffic and business.

Tools Are Changing

2022 saw massive strides in how technology in the field has changed. While your customers might not know what new technology looks like in this industry, they’ll benefit from the effects. You can use these advancements to make great leaps in the services you provide.

For example, smart traps fitted with cameras and wi-fi technology can detect and record when pests enter the trap, and alert the trap’s owner. This means traps can be used more efficiently without being full for lengthy periods of time.

Heat is also being used in new ways. Infrared traps target areas where pests frequent and deter them. Fly lights, while not new, are starting to come in decorative shapes and forms that are attractive to consumers. There are also new options to reduce the numbers of rats; Namely birth control. Sterilizing baits are starting to hit the market. Using and discussing these new methods of pest control present an attractive, full package business.

Customers Want Protection

While many businesses worry that completely fixing a problem can lead to bad business, the opposite is true. You don’t necessarily want repeat customers, and homeowners don’t want to be repeat customers. Sealing entry points into the home is a major selling point for pest control businesses. There is no shortage of pests out there. Pest Control Specialists who can seal gaps in doors, windows, and cracks are in high demand.

Present the Full Package

Chasing trends can be exhausting. Instead, stay current and stay professional. Knowing what’s current in the business and teaching customers something new about pest control can go a long way. Customers are trending towards choosing pest control services that can provide an up to date, professional approach. Focusing on Integrated Pest Management with eco-friendly, modern techniques is a great idea. It’s only part of the equation, though. How you present that information can be just as important.

Emu Marketing will help you keep current on pest control trends, and provide a full suite of marketing services. If you’d like to drive business to your website and build a customer base, contact us today.