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Link Building Tactics

By |2021-02-01T19:34:46+00:00February 27th, 2021|Categories: Marketing Blog|

When you start marketing for your business, there is one goal at hand: clients or sales. If that stays as your main goal, you won’t be able to achieve much. A customer may need up to eight touchpoints before they decide to make a purchase. If you are only focused on the final sale, you might [...]

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Google’s Small Business Advisors Program

By |2020-12-30T02:41:27+00:00January 30th, 2021|Categories: Industry News, Marketing Blog|

Google has started a program geared towards small businesses to give some guidance and advice on how to become better marketers on Google. Designated professionals dubbed Small Business Advisors, will be leading 50 minute individualized consulting sessions on a range of products. From Google My Business, to Ads, and Analytics, the sessions cover everything. Surprisingly, they [...]

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Hijacked Google My Business

By |2020-12-30T02:25:05+00:00January 15th, 2021|Categories: Marketing Blog|

Lately, the spike in hijacked Google My Business listings appears to be growing. A hijacked listing is when someone other than the business gains control of the local Google My Business profile. Sterling Sky’s Joy Hawkins writes about this phenomenon. She talked about the trends and some of the methods used by spammers and scammers. Read [...]

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Yelp Customer Alerts

By |2020-11-21T17:51:21+00:00December 29th, 2020|Categories: Marketing Blog|

Early last month, Yelp announced two initiatives to help fight racism and promote the diversity among our local businesses. They expanded a relationship with the non-profit Open To All. The partnership will make training resources available for all small and medium sized businesses. Those resources help promote a better practice of diversity and inclusion in businesses. [...]

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Tips For Ranking Your Business on Google

By |2020-11-21T04:41:19+00:00December 14th, 2020|Categories: Marketing Blog, SEO - Search Engine Optimization|

Some of the best companies started out as small businesses, but the trouble now-a-days is that it is super hard to find a small business on google. If you look up restaurants near you, it will show you all of the huge fast food franchises, mega sit-down restaurant chains, and a million other restaurants that bring [...]

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Google’s Antitrust Case and What it Mean for Apple

By |2020-11-03T05:22:13+00:00November 15th, 2020|Categories: Industry News, Marketing Blog|

Recently the Department of Justice, along with eleven state attorney generals, filed a civil suit against Google for violating antitrust laws. The goal is stop Google from creating and maintaining monopolies in search and search advertising markets which they claim Google does through the use of anticompetitive and exclusionary practices. In the light of this suit, [...]

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Start With One Idea: How To Generate SEO Content Without Burning Yourself Out

By |2020-10-04T22:00:49+00:00October 31st, 2020|Categories: HVAC Web Design, Marketing Blog, SEO - Search Engine Optimization, Tools|

Learning how to generate SEO content is something that many business owners struggle with. It is no wonder that content creation presents so many challenges when people have so many other responsibilities to worry about. In this article we are helping you up your efficiency by explaining how to generate multiple pieces of  SEO content from [...]

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AI Innovations at Bing

By |2020-10-04T21:59:42+00:00October 15th, 2020|Categories: Industry News, Marketing Blog|

In an effort to compete with other search engine, Bing carries on with its AI innovations. Those improvements include autosuggest features, expansion of “People Also Ask”, and growth of the intelligent answer features. Read on to learn all about these AI innovations at Bing. History of Bing Before we look to the future of Bing, let’s [...]

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What Not To Do With SEO

By |2020-08-31T02:33:32+00:00September 30th, 2020|Categories: Marketing Blog|

SEO is a very technical and very specialized field. There are a lot of considerations to make in order to improve your website’s rankings. Unfortunately, this means there are also many examples of "what not to do" that can tank your search engine rankings. Therefore, it is important to have an SEO specialist working on your [...]

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Google On URL Keywords

By |2020-08-31T02:07:53+00:00September 15th, 2020|Categories: Marketing Blog|Tags: , , |

According to Google’s John Mueller, “The SEO effect of keywords in the URL is minimal once the content is indexed. Make URLs that work for your users, not for SEO.” Google has previously stated that keywords in URLs are a small factor and an overrated SEO factor. What this means for your business is that you [...]

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