If you are just stepping into the world of digital marketing, you might be wondering about advertising on social media. As it stands right now, Facebook is still the largest social media platform with over 2.6 billion active users monthly worldwide with 190 million of those just in the United States. For those who are looking to get ahead in their advertising game, what better place to start? Not only are Facebook ads straightforward and offer complete customization, they are also relatively inexpensive.

The beauty of Facebook ads is that they help you get your business in front of those who have the best chances of wanting your products or services. The right target audience will be easy to find, because they can be reached according to their:

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Location
  • Behaviors

These targeting features are especially beneficial to small businesses and entrepreneurs. You are only going to spend your budget to reach your best potential clients.

This is ideal for any business that has a limited budget. It will help boost your return on investment (ROI). But before you start enjoying the benefits of using Facebook ads for entrepreneurs, let us look at the different types of ads found on Facebook.

Types of Facebook Ads

  1. Dynamic Ads

These are ads that targeted to people who have already visited a product page. Facebook tracks all users who have visited the page and also who has added products to their shopping cart without completing the purchase. Facebook then automatically pushes dynamic ads to those users based on the specific products or services they were previously looking at.

  1. Carousel Ads

These ads are displayed in something akin to a photo reel. It allows a business to display multiple products from their catalog to those users who fit the target audience.

  1. Lead Ads

This type of ad is especially useful in getting the potential customers information to you for follow up. Lead ads provide a quick way for users to sign up for a product trial or subscription while giving you their name, email, and basic demographic info. This is also a great way to narrow down just who your target audience may be.

  1. Photo Ads

If you are already regularly posting on your business social media page, photo ads are a great way to get started in the Facebook Ad market. You can pay a small fee to boost your post and get it in front of more people in your target audience.

  1. Video Ads

These are a great way to show your product or service in action.

  1. Slideshow Ads

Similar to photo ads, slideshow ads allow you to display multiple still images of your products or services. You can also set these ads to music or add additional text.

The Takeaway

With Facebook Ads, you are able to choose your advertising objectives, narrow down your target audience, and set your budget and advertising schedule based on your business needs and affordability. Having Facebook Ads in your repertoire is an investment that is sure to help you grow your business.