Ideas to Make Niche Business Content More Stimulating

There are so many exciting industries out there, and that means you’re going to have to really demand some eyes and attention to keep people engaged with your niche business content. A lot of these businesses you’re writing for aren’t going to pull traffic like some of your more popular clients. Sure, they’ve got devoted clientele, but when it comes down to brass tacks, getting traffic for something like a lava lamp distributor will be a lot harder than something like an airline’s website.

So how are you going to turn this small trickle of hits into a tidal wave of new faces? Today we’re going to show you exactly how. We’ll give you real tips to improve your marketing strategy while giving you creative new ways to bring interesting content to these niche industries.

The Method

The first step to overcome this mountain of a challenge is taking a look at trends in many other industries. Specifically, we want to look through the ones with the highest CPC (cost per click) so we can figure out some benchmarks and trends to keep in mind.

We’ll need to look at these sites and pay attention to organic keyword data, traffic sources, backlinks, organic traffic, and the type of patterns to look for in relation to engagement and your type of content.

From 2020 to 2021, the ten industries that can boast the highest CPC are as follows:

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Banking
  • Beauty
  • Distance learning
  • Insurance
  • Internet and telecommunications
  • Jewelry
  • Legal
  • Real Estate
  • Travel

Taking these and observing the average amount of organic keywords for these ten industries, we can see what amount we can work with in our own niche industry. Keywords are important because they’re what brings the most traffic to websites, and we’ve found that advertising and marketing sites tend to use the most keywords, followed by distance learning.

We can learn from them in this regard and implement the same action with our own sites and blog posts.

Performance in Organic Traffic by Industry Blogs

Looking at the average number of organic views, backlinks and unique keywords a month per each blog post for each industry, we have seen that distance learning and marketing and advertising win out again.

What we can take away from this is just proof in the idea that keywords lead to the most traffic for a site. Because of how many keywords are used by blogs relating to distance learning and marketing and advertising, their click through rate is much higher than that of other industries. In fact, distance learning gets almost double the clicks that advertisement and marketing do.


If you’re more interested in what gets the most shares between users on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter (comments, shares, and likes), we’ve looked into that too.

Travel and tourism, unsurprisingly, tends to get the most attention on these sites. They are heads and tails above the competition in every category: shares, likes, and comments.

Top Performing Articles of Industry Blogs by Type

So, what kinds of articles should you be writing to actually get the best out of your keyword and social media game? This might not be surprising, but articles that feature a commonly asked question, or a how to blog, or even one of those top 10 lists (kind of like this one) do the best.

You should definitely consider these three styles when doing your writing, because most of the engagement you’re gonna get on your site is pretty simply put–questions. People use Google for one main resource, and that’s getting a quick answer to their various inquiries. If you’re ahead of the game and already have content put out there, built around this concept, you’ll be the one getting the lion’s share of the clicks.

Lists, similarly, provide a wealth of information to users that you can use to stuff full of pertinent keywords. Indeed, people in the field have started to realize that long key phrases are the secret to success. This will pull users that happen to be searching for a similar, tangentially related subject and earn even more clicks than you typically would.

Conclusion for Entertaining Niche Business Content

Now that we’ve given you the secrets behind so many successes in niche industries, we hope that you’ll be able to use them to your benefit. Remember that keywords and especially long key phrases are some of the most useful tools to have in your tool belt, and think of what the average user might be searching for, even if it has nothing to do with your specific industry. The more eyes you reach, the more interested people you’re going to reach that you never could before! If you want more help reaching out to the wider market, choose Emu Web Marketing to make it happen.