A two-pronged approach helps increase your brand awareness. It also helps increase the number of people visiting your website. One piece of content won’t meet all the goals you have set for your company. Sometimes companies will handle all of their content and marketing the exact same way, which rarely works out well. Every one of your pieces of content should be created individually and they should have their own expectations and goals. The most effective framework to use when considering how to release your content is to think of two categories: rank-worthy content and link-worthy content. The following are some tips on how you can carry out this strategy for your company.

Rank-Worthy Content

Rank-worthy content is basically content that has the goal of positioning well in the search engine results page. Content managers want their pages to rank well on search engines in order to build traffic to their websites. Nevertheless, it’s much more refined than that. Rank-worthy content often does bring in more organic traffic to your site, but it’s also crucial in exhibiting both brand awareness and brand authority.

For example, even if a searcher gets an answer to their question from the small excerpt, this becomes a no-click search. The searcher can still see the best answer, at least according to Google. Now this search result not only gets your brand out there, but it also builds a sense of trust. In essence, a rank-worthy content strategy is actually a strategy to building brand awareness, brand authority, and natural traffic. If you don’t have content on your site that can be ranked, it’s much less likely that your brand will grow organically, because of the difficultly potential clients and customers will have to find your website in the first place, let alone trust you.

How Do You Do That?

So how do you create rank-worthy content? The key is to focusing on the intent, which should be a company’s main priority. Intent refers to understanding the reason someone is looking for the content online If you are able to figure out exactly what they’re looking for and can create that resource, that’s a guaranteed course of action to create value, and Google is highly likely to pick up on that.

There have been a multitude of guides that have come out about perfecting your content to improve the likelihood of you being ranked well, and there is definitely strong points for all of them. But you can argue the fact that intent should always be your main focus because, ultimately, Google’s algorithm was created to help the users find what they were looking for.

Link-Worthy Content

If you have all this rank-worthy content, why should you have to do anything else? Well, the reason is because backlinks are still a vitally important ranking factor. They’re also incredibly hard to earn, so a plan dedicated to building high-quality links is so crucial for scaling growth.

Link-worthy content is content that is designed to earn backlinks because it’s highly engaging and widely appealing. By coming up with new studies and surveys and earning media coverage, you’re building authoritative links, and yet again improving the brand awareness and authority of your company. Once you have great content produced, the key is getting people to pick up on it and share it. You have to keep it personalized, but draw in interest.

Tying it Together

When you make links using link-worthy content, you’re getting more brand recognition and revamping the authority of your website. When well-known sites link to your company, it tells Google that your content is high-quality and can be trusted. That’s why it is so important to invest in business marketing. Once many authoritative sites have linked to you, search engines consider your brand an expert in your field.

When you’re considered an expert in your field, that raises all other content on your page increasing the probability will rank better on the search engine results pages, or SERPs.