Video marketing is one of few places in digital marketing that many people are not flooding to. This makes it a prime market for a business looking to establish or revive digital marketing. This week, we are sharing some video marketing tips and tricks to help your business get ahead. Read on to learn how to start or improve your video marketing.

Tip #1 – Fill A Gap In The Market

The entire point of marketing is to set your company apart, so why do what everybody else is doing? Video marketing is great because it is a digital marketing space that has not been overrun yet. Look at how other people in your industry are using video marketing, you can gain inspiration from it, but don’t copy it.

Think of what sort of videos your ideal client would be searching for. For example, if you were a retail store catering to high fashion women. A good video idea might focus on your most unique products. Do not post anything that will appeal to clientele that you don’t want in your shop.

Tip #2 – Eyes Not-So-On The Prize

Ultimately, the point of digital marketing is to draw people to your business and make a sale. However, you should be wary of pushing your marketing too hard. Many people watch videos because they want to learn something, or they want entertainment. It is pretty unlikely that they are looking for a sales job. Let your video stand as a testament to your expertise in your industry, and let that be the draw for customers.

Tip #3 – Show Some Personality

Do your best to plan ahead for your video, having a general outline ready is always a smart idea. However, try and avoid being stiff or overly formal. The more personable and real you are in your video the more people connect to it. Try and insert small jokes or comedic moments, which are excellent at helping people relax on camera.

Tip #4 – SEO Is Important Even For Videos

While video marketing is more relaxed than other forms of digital marketing, never forget that it is still a component of your marketing plan. For marketing to succeed, it has to have eyes on it. The number one thing to remember with digital marketing, including videos, is that search engine optimization is a key feature. Look at what people are looking up about your business and try and fit your title to those searches. Additionally, use the tag feature on platforms such as YouTube to cover more ground.

Tip #5 – Use The Time To Your Advantage

The videos for marketing should be short, sweet, and to the point. Ideally, they should be no longer than 5 minutes, unless it is a very detailed explanation. Even still, Videos must have a time limit, otherwise they will lose people’s attention. The most important part of the video is the first 10 seconds, because that is when people decide whether they will keep watching or click away.