If you have never blogged before, you may find this a daunting medium.  However, many websites these days have blogs and social media pages which they update continuously in an effort to improve their SEO.  The more you write about current issues, the more likely you are to have a good ranking in search engines.  But you can also write about long-term issues that are affecting your industry as long as you do so in an accessible manner.  Here a few tips about using your blog to improve your Tampa SEO:

  1. Include the basics.  Sometimes, you may feel as if you have to blog about things that are really different in order to stand out and be unique.  However, it’s also useful to have more basic information on your blog.  For example, if you have a blog about real estate, you should probably have some basic information about helping people buy and sell real estate.  Location, size, neighborhood crime stats and the conveniences located nearby are all important to people looking to buy a home.  Once you have the basics covered, you can turn to more timely topics or off-beat ones such as visualizing your perfect home or green living.
  2. Keep It Short.  When people read on the internet, they generally have a shorter attention span.  It’s just not as comfortable to read on a computer as it is in a book.  Plus, many people are accessing the internet during a short break they may be taking at work.  So they don’t want to read too many details.  They just want something they can digest at one go.
  3. Understand Your Audience.  Are you addressing stay-at-home moms or students?  Is your audience composed of finance professionals or senior citizens looking to expand a nest egg?  It’s really important to know who your audience is when you start writing so that you can tailor  your writing accordingly.  Students, for example, will probably relate well to references to young adult literature.  Intellectuals, on the other hand, will relate better to references to classics or literary criticism.  Keep all this in mind when you write your blog posts so that you can develop a long-term following.

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