Finding a web designer in tampa is very easy, but finding a designer that can effectively create a site that not only looks great, but also does well in the search engines is not. And before you can even start doing the search, it will help you a lot to understand how a good web design combines with SEO to create a site that is actually going to be visited by people.
SEO isn’t what it once was anymore
For those who are not familiar with the field, search engine optimization is often thought as just putting in keywords in certain places in your site. And at the most basic, it certainly is. Or was. SEO is an ever-changing field and it is not all the same as it was a few years back.
One of the biggest changes in the field is the shift from strictly prioritizing the insertion of keywords to the creation of more engaging contents. This is a result of the changes made by the search engines, particularly Google, in their algorithms. For web designers, this is a welcome development, as it frees them from the constraints of having to accommodate unwieldy keywords into their site designs and gives them more flexibility in their work.
Another major shift in the field is that web design itself now becomes an important component in enticing people to click links. Previously, website design is used only to carry links. Now, designers are given the challenge of incorporating links such that they draw interest at first glance and get people to click on them.
Web design is changing too
Many a web designer in Tampa understands that the design field itself is also changing rapidly. As Rand Fashkin of The Moz Blog points out, there is now a move towards a point in which web design is closely linked to SEO.
One trend in this ongoing development is the creation of more emotionally captivating designs for web pages. Here, what the designer is after is to create something that evokes a certain feeling of interest, attachment, or what not, that would naturally make them want to click for more information. This certainly makes the job of optimization a lot easier, as there is no need to force links to readers.
Another growing trend in web design that is sure to get the interest of optimization specialists is the use of embeddable infographics. Web designers certainly love infographics  as it allows them to put in as much info as they can, without the whole page looking very cluttered. As for optimizers, this is another great avenue to do their stuff without feeling too forced and shying away the audience.
Where to now
Of course, knowing all these is just the first step in creating a website that truly draws in a lot of visitors. How you actually do the combination of web design and SEO. As pointed out by the Premiere SEO NZ blog

“It can be tempting to contemplate design and SEO separately, but the reality is they need to be considered together. This is because the structure of the site and the way it is coded can have big effects on how easy it is to optimize – and these are decisions that will be made in the initial design phase. That’s why it’s important to be discussing your goals with both a designer and a website marketing professional right from the beginning.”

In fact, nowadays, you can go on getting a single firm to do both the design and optimization work for you. And if you are looking for a web designer in Tampa for that, all you need to do is contact us today.