Personal brands are a small part of the ever-expanding world of digital marketing. But a personal brand is not limited to Instagram influencers and e-commerce sites. Read on to learn some tips for building a strong personal brand and why personal brands are importance in today’s marketplace.

Why A Personal Brand Is So Important 

No matter what field you work in, the world has grown increasingly competitive. As interconnectedness increases, and mega-corporations grow, how can you make yourself and your business stick out?

The answer, contrary to most logic, is to get more personal.

A personal brand can help you stick out .from the mass of people in your field. If you come from a more sparsely populated career path, it can earn you employment by marketing you to people who wouldn’t have thought to use your services otherwise.

An effective personal brand makes you marketable by harnessing your passion and your goals to paint a portrait of you

Tips For Building Your Brand

  1. Be Yourself

This is simple advice, and most people have heard it since they were children, and yet, it is the most difficult piece of advice to take. If your personal brand is inauthentic, it will show. There are a few questions you need to ask yourself when you are considering your personal brand.

  • What are you good at?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What are your goals?
  • What is your skill set?
  • What fields do you have experience in?
  • What are your personal values?
  1. Seek Out Connections That Will Make You Happy

If you are working with clients or coworkers who make you miserable, your passion will quickly disappear. Particularly if you are an entrepreneur, passion drives your business. To lose that passion would make growth, both personal and professional, a much bigger challenge. 

For example, we here at Emu Marketing work with good people and businesses to grow together, sometimes this means we have to tell a client “no”. It is okay to limit your short-term growth to increase your long-term growth and happiness. Your personal brand is just that…personal. Find what makes you happy and chase it.

  1. Know When To Say “I Don’t Know”

In order to preserve the authenticity of your personal brand, it is important to know when you are out of your depth. This goes hand in hand with seeking connections. Knowing when to say “I don’t know” will allow you to build a functioning network of people around you. Knowing your own weaknesses is actually just as important to networking as knowing your strengths. 

  1. Build A Website Or Portfolio

When you are building a personal brand, it is more essential than ever to show off. Building a website or portfolio is the perfect way to share your brand with the world. On your website you should have: a professional logo, professional level photography or videography, tangible components of your brand (like value statements or missions), and forms of contact.