iStock_000001519029SmallWhy should a customer buy your product as opposed to your competitor’s product? Well, it depends on how you position your business, how you decide to approach the task of marketing. Some businesses have cheaper products than their opponents. Some business have better products than their rivals. Some businesses have products that make their users feel distinct or special. Whatever your angle is, you need an angle.
If you aren’t sure what your angle is, then you can harness the power of Amazon. This website is the place to go on the internet for reviews, and you can easily see what needs are being met in your industry, and what needs are not being met. The book 7 Costly Mistakes That Derail Online Marketing opines:

For instance, the product reviews on Amazon are a great source of information. Here you’ll find comments on related products and perhaps even spot gaps that you may be able to fill and gain an advantage in.

Now remember that marketing is all about perception. If a customer feels like a product doesn’t have a feature, then that product effectively doesn’t have that feature. Of course, innovating and providing a feature your competitors don’t have will give you a higher barrier to entry than just highlighting a feature the competition is not highlighting, but using SEO to highlight features is much cheaper. It all depends on where your business is. Once you spot this opportunity, you can highlight this advantage via digital marketing, either via cheap SEO packages or your own SEO strategy.
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