These days, everyone has a website. If you want your business to succeed, a business website is the bare minimum. But if you want your business to flourish, you need to have a professionally built, search engine optimized, and beautifully designed website—one that incites customers and keeps them coming back.
In an area like Tampa where there are many successful businesses, business owners of small to medium-sized businesses need to be stringent when choosing how they represent themselves and their businesses on public platforms. The most public platform these days is the Internet, and for your business, it’s your business website. To ensure your local business’s public persona is favorable, choose a top web designer in Tampa to design and optimize your website. Here are three tips to choosing and keeping great web designer.

  1. Check Out Their Website: Would you ever take golf lessons from someone who couldn’t play golf? You certainly would not. Then why would you trust a web designer who has a poorly designed website. Check out the sites of your potential web designers or web design companies. If their sites are well made, easy to use, and seamless then you can trust that this company or designer knows what they’re doing. A web design company’s website is a good indicator of their commitment and devotion to their craft. And a good website is a often an accurate indicator of a company’s value. That’s another reason why you should have a great website.
  2. Review Past Work: Web designers or web design companies should always show you samples of their previous work. If they don’t, then you know something fishy is up. Use these samples to decide whether this company’s style suits you, and whether their web design skills are up par.
  3. Analyze Statistics: Web design, for all its creative prowess, is still a numbers game. You want to know that you’re sending lots of qualified visitors to your site. Use statistics to figure out how well you’re doing and where you can improve. Some companies don’t give you statistics on how their web design and digital services is influencing your website traffic. Emu Web Design does. Please, contact us to find out more about how we can help your business with our website design and statistics.