The coronavirus affects marketing in positive and negative ways. In some aspects, digital marketers will not know the extent of the outcome until the virus is eradicated. What we do know, is that expert marketing may be the difference between sales and shutting your doors. Stay up to date on what digital marketer do’s and don’ts. Today, we’re exploring a few of those topics.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on nearly everyone in the world. People are fighting for their lives, not to mention their livelihoods. Through this difficult time, it’s important to remember the human aspect of digital marketing. Everyone has needs and wants, and your business can still appeal to that. Still, it’s important not to take advantage of people just because there is an outlet to do so. More on that below.

This list is meant to provide some insight into an ongoing crisis. Information is likely to change as current events evolve. In an economy growing dependent on Google and digital ordering, take advantage of an expert web marketing company. Contact us today, and be seen.

The Marketing Data

If you search for ‘how the coronavirus affects marketing’ on Google you’re likely to get a myriad of opinions. Some marketers are seeing spikes in traffic and conversions. Some are not having any hits at all. Neil Patel has a breakdown of the data. But, what is true? Honestly, it’s both. Depending on what you are marketing, you’ll see an increase if it’s needed in households now. However, if you market more high-end things, it’s likely you’re seeing a dip in traffic. Think of the need for hand sanitizer versus custom indoor waterfalls.

Of course, that’s only an example. For businesses that offer local services, it’s most likely a waiting game, sadly. The good news is that the need for services is still there. People still need pest control and plumbers. They still need apartments when the lease is up, and cars when there’s an accident. What is changing is how they are finding these business and services. It is probably more important now than ever to be ranking high in local searches. The online battle for rankings is just one way the coronavirus affects marketing.

The Do’s

The coronavirus affects marketing in some pretty remarkable ways. As mentioned above, the ability to be found in the rankings is important. That is true of local businesses, e-commerce, and other marketing sectors. Truthfully, it is always an uphill battle. But, if you can get ahead of the statistics, business could be yours. So, market yourself wisely. Using SEO and expert services can help you rise above your competition.

Also, make sure you stay relevant. Consumers are expecting businesses to acknowledge the pandemic in some way. They want to know that safety is a primary concern. This may mean that you also marketing the strategies you are taking to make the business safe. Is it teleconferencing consultations? Is it ensuring products come from a sanitary facility? What about social distancing in-home services? Keep the human perspective as part of your marketing strategy. You may just see a bump in sales.

The Don’ts

Likewise, the coronavirus affects marketing in negative ways. Here is what not to do: take advantage. Don’t take advantage of people, limited stock, price gouging, or any other immoral action. It can be tempting to try and make a quick buck, especially if the means to do so is a click away. But, please just don’t. Digital marketing is a means to help people just as much as it is a way to make money. Provide an honest service.

Aside from compassion, exercise caution. In a time where the global stock market has crashed, you should absolutely be aware of where you put your money. Develop an evolving marketing strategy that flows with your independent data. Know when to invest, place ads or sell out based on your goals and data.

As we all continue to feel the effects of the pandemic, us at Emu Web Marketing encourage you to stay home and stay safe. We will come through this crisis together.