Did you ever think you’d see the day when you needed to hire a custom web design firm that is proud of the fact that their head is in the cloud?
Let’s face it. Nowadays, if you’re not savvy about all-things digital, your brand might just be considered prehistoric; but in this competitive world, it’s all about aligning all the opportunities available in the digital landscape to make them work for your organization.
Think of the possibilities if you had your very own Digital Gardener, as it were, to manage all of those projects in the pipeline, someone who understands areas like databases, SEO, web and today’s mobile technology, to name a few.
Getting that ‘total return’…iStock_000002301094XSmall
Businesses can lose sight of the importance of expecting a ROI on all of their digital projects. You can count on us to be knowledgeable—and creative— in areas like:
Website design
Are the proper analytics in place to measure the number of unique visitors? It’s important to ROI to understand the traffic coming to your site during specific times of the day…or seasons.
Our creative team understands bounce rates. And if your visitors are making a quick exit from a single page, adjustments to design may be in order—fewer videos, for example, could quicken load times.
Social media gurus…
Another essential element to remaining competitive is the know-how in encouraging a base of User Generated Content, such as customer engagement with company blogs, videos and photos, to name a few.
For certain, the range of expertise must include a versatile approach to bringing together all the social media channels, such as  Facebook,Twitter and YouTube to further strengthen the company brand.
Contact us to learn how we can add creativity to your marketing efforts, along with a solid ROI.