emublogLike any modern business, yours explains its offerings, attracts customers, and perhaps, process orders, through its custom web design. Because this site acts as your company headquarters that most of the world sees, you want it to be professional and to convey your message exactly. To achieve those goals, you want to avoid the following common website mistakes.
Too much text. Your web page is not a novel that’s meant to be read at leisure with a glass of wine and a tray of bonbons. It’s scanned quickly by potential customers who need information now. Minimize large blocks of words on the page. Use short sentences, lists, and lots of white space. Whenever possible, include a helpful graphics rather than paragraphs of description.
Bad navigation. Your users must be able to travel quickly through your offerings, know exactly where they are, and use what they need immediately. They can’t do those tasks if you don’t provide easy navigation controls, some kind of index, and a search box. Make your controls large and prominent, and be sure to include text substitutes for users who prefer word directions over graphics.
Excessive features. Because the Internet is evolving rapidly, there isn’t a minute that goes by without some bright young programmer developing a new widget, animation, or decoration that your website has to have. Resist the temptation to plop every new doohickey onto your pages. Instead, carefully consider how any addition meets the needs of your users and whether it makes your site better to use. If it doesn’t meet these two criteria, it doesn’t deserve to be included on your pages.
The most convenient way to avoid these problems is to make sure that your site is designed by professionals. Why don’t you contact us today to see how we can best produce your perfect website.