Every Internet user is a person who potentially could be swayed to or from a website based on a variety of factors. One thing that most are looking for (consciously or not) is custom web design. In other words, they want to see a website that is designed in a way that they have not seen before. This would attract them to that site and to possibly do business with the company that runs it. There are a couple of schools of thought on what the best way to design a website is.
The Multimedia School
Human beings are attracted to watching videos and the like. Using videos and the like on websites makes them instantly more interesting. People would rather watch a video than read long paragraphs of words. They do not have the time in their busy schedule for this kind of ordeal, nor do they care to do it. Thus, including multimedia is an absolute must.
The Minimalist School
There is no question that what people are looking for in a website is something that is easy to use. They want to get what they get from it and move on. There is no reason for them to linger, and they should not be made to do so. Providing sleek navigation and as little extra as possible is the way to win over the hearts of those who are you are pitching to.
Both Schools
Most websites land somewhere in between the two schools. Though navigation and simplicity are great things, adding a little spice with the media is something that they prefer to do. At the same time, they are not looking to overload their viewers with too many videos or other distracting items.
No matter what school you fall under we want to hear from you. Contact us and let us discuss with you what we can do to help make your website better than it was before.