The legal field in Florida is a crowded one, with legal professionals who cover everything from divorce to international business. In Hillsborough County alone – where we are based – there are over 3,700 lawyers. The Florida Bar is even more impressive, it has over 100,000 members. Those numbers are intimidating, but there are some key digital marketing decisions that set firms apart. Read on to learn all about how to maximize digital marketing for lawyers.

  1. Find A Web Marketer That You Trust

A consistent and updated website is important for every industry, but it is absolutely crucial in the legal field. Well-designed and run websites convey to potential clients that the firm is knowledgeable, personable, and professional.

The best way to determine if a web marketer will work for you is to ask for a portfolio of their work in the legal field. Really look into what they have done for that firm. Is the content updated regularly? Is it relevant and interesting? The site should be easy to navigate and plainly lay out the services provided by that firm.

  1. Know Your Audience And Your Brand

Any sort of marketing for law ultimately hinges on the personal brand of the lawyers in the practice. If your firm is amazing at alimony and child support settlements, don’t focus the marketing on high net asset divorces. Both of those things are part of family and divorce law, but appeal to different audiences. Aiming for new markets is great, but always take time to recognize where the bread and butter of the firm comes from.

  1. Encourage Happy Clients To Leave Reviews

Have a gushing client that wants to thank you? Encourage those people to leave a review on Google. The more positive reviews on Google, the more positive effect they have on search engine results.

How to make people leave reviews is a big question for many legal professionals though. Clients are busy, you’re busy, and ultimately the opportunity slips by simply due to a packed schedule. The best way to encourage reviews is through emails after the case judgement has been handed down. It does not take much time to draft a form email that the firm’s legal assistants or secretaries easily fill in to personalize it for a client.

You’ll find that the more your firm makes time for follow up, the more leads you will get. Even if the client does not leave a review, the emails remind them of the work you’ve done. This leaves you at the forefront of their mind for recommendations.

  1. Make Your Passion Known

The legal field is one that has high highs and low lows, which are tiring for even the most determined legal professionals. Never let clients forget how much care your firm has for their case. A lawyer can check the boxes of every single digital marketing technique, but that means nothing without a personal connection.