iStock_000001519029SmallSurveys suggest that about half of all small business owners do not have a website. A survey conducted by Yodle over two years ago found the figure to be at 52%. Since then, there hasn’t been much of a change. With the many benefits that come with a website such as more customers, greater brand awareness, and the fact that customers expect all businesses to have one, it is hard to understand why so many small businesses forgo an obvious necessity. Here are four common reasons why they make this choice.
They Don’t Want Their Business To Grow
Many small businesses have reached a happy equilibrium. The locals know about them and they have their connections for drumming up extra business when they need it. They don’t have the resources or the desire to expand their businesses should they experience substantial customer growth. Some are maxed out and would not know how to handle the extra business.
However, a website by itself is not going to cause a massive spike in business without traffic. Without a deliberate online marketing effort, it is not likely. In addition, they do not have to take orders from the website. They can continue to only serve walk-in customers like they always have. The reason these businesses should get a website is that their current customers expect it. A website is a convenient way to tell your customers about discounts, store hour changes, and other news.
They Don’t Have The Time
There’s no question that running a business is demanding. However, the Tampa business owner who wants to have a website can outsource the work to a Tampa custom website design company. Companies such as Emu Web Design have years of experience building websites and helping businesses develop marketing plans. They have streamlined their process so that the business owner need not worry about the effort taking up too much time.
They Rely On Social Media Or Other Public Platforms For Their Marketing
Some businesses forgo owning a website in favor of tapping directly into the popularity of well established online platforms. Getting an account on sites such as Twitter or Facebook are free, and with some skill can be used to spread the word about one’s business.
However, a company that becomes dependent on any of these sites for their business is on shaky ground. Social media sites and their like are only concerned about their own welfare. How their policy changes affect your business, play no part in their decision-making. They can and do make sweeping changes that can adversely affect your business overnight.
Your efforts and time are better spent developing a web property that you own and control. Social media can still play a part in providing supplemental traffic to your website, but the future of your business and your livelihood is no longer in their hands.
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