Web Design in Tampa has become very sophisticated, and having an attractive and effective business website is no longer an option for a growing company. Changes in technology, and the ways in which people browse the web, have brought many trends in web design. Current trends are toward websites that are more mobile-friendly, content rich, intuitive, engaging and attractive. Here are four trends with real promise to raise websites above their competition.
1. Responsive Design
Responsively designed websites are a recent and rapidly growing trend. The layout of the website automatically adjusts to fit the size of whatever screen it is viewed on. The idea is to have a single website that looks great and is fully functional on any device, from a desktop PC to a smartphone.
Mobile access to websites is more important than ever. The Pew Research Center reports that 57% of Americans now access the internet with their cell phones, and 21% say it is their primary method of going online. Without responsive design, a company needs to create a separate website for mobile devices, with all the associated development and maintenance costs.
2. Large Background Photographs
Businesses are increasingly using large, beautiful photographs for their website’s background. These images give depth to the page, and can really engage viewers and draw them in. They give the visitor instant insight into the company and what it is about. Used with eye-catching design, the website can generate excitement and an eagerness to discover more.
3. Parallax Scrolling
A 3D-like effect is attained when the background moves at a slower rate than the foreground. This gives the illusion of greater depth, and many websites use it to make their website more interactive. Marketers can use it to tell a story as the user scrolls down the page, while text and images appear, disappear or float in different places.
4. Overlay Drop Down Menus
In this design technique, when a navigation option is selected, other options open below the menu bar and on top of the page’s content. This way the user can see the options without leaving the page, which is still visible around the menu. This allows companies to add additional links and information without crowding the home page. This is especially important for responsive pages viewed on mobile devices.
If you would like to learn more about the latest trends in web design, and how they can help your website stand out from the competition, contact us. Emu Design and Consulting is ready to create successful web solutions for your business.