If your goal is to grow your business and increase traffic to your website – use Google Analytics. But what is Google Analytics? And how can business owners make the most of this tool?

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tracking tool that allows you to see more information about how your website is performing. It also tracks who is visiting your site. It can even give you details on what products or services are most often pulling people to your site. With Google Analytics set up, you will be better able to track and measure the goals and strategies you have for your business website.

Benefits of Google Analytics

With Google Analytics you will get a better picture of your business website’s performance. It provides you with information on what pages visitors have looked at, which pages are visited most often, where you are generating leads from, as well as more information about those leads. It can also tell you which other sites led visitors to your page, how many visitors actually made purchases on your site, whether your site is most often viewed on desktop or mobile, overall traffic your site is receiving, as well as demographic information for your site’s visitors.

All this information is valuable to any business looking to better understand their customer base and tailor their products and services accordingly. Having this information readily available at your fingertips is a powerful asset to your business strategy. Google Analytics will even allow you to track specific goals for your website. For instance:


If you are interested in how long each person spent on a specific page of your site


If your goal is to see how many people visit a specific page


If your goal is to see how many people click on a certain link or press play on a particular video


If your goal is to track how many pages of your site a visitor views

Even More Information

You also have access to information about your site outside of site traffic. This can give you information about things like when Google is actually analyzing your site, your site’s crawl rate, what sites link to your website (whether they are internal or external), and also what keywords drive traffic to your website.

Use Alongside Google Ads

If you also have Google Ads, you can link your ads to your profile to get even more detailed information about your customer base. These analytics include information on how they interact with your ads to how they eventually become purchasers of your products and services and every step in between.

If You Need Assistance

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for your business. With Google Analytics, you have the information you need to adjust your business strategies and grow your consumer base. Let Emu Web Marketing help you set up and interpret Google Analytics for your website. We are here to help you optimize your digital marketing and get your website performing its very best.