Google recently announced a new broad algorithm update for June. While this might seem like a big deal (and it is), it’s not as earth shaking as it might seem. Google makes frequent updates to its algorithm, sometimes daily. Broad core updates happen less frequently… usually every few months.


So what does this one do?

Well, like updates in the past, Google doesn’t tell us.

google core update
What should you do to prepare?

Google’s advice is to do nothing. While many of us in the industry find that guidance frustrating, its still sound advice. Google’s goal is to make its search engine results more relevant to its users, and they are constantly tweaking their algorithm towards this goal. What Google really doesn’t want is people running around trying to fix stuff that isn’t broken.

Here’s what we know:

  1. Google’s official word is that there is nothing to fix and there is no way to prepare.
  2. It’s more productive to wonder less about what you can “fix” on your site, and instead to consider what’s more relevant about your competitors sites that are ranking better.
  3. Google updates sometimes take more than a week to propagate. It’s usually best to wait a bit before forming conclusions about what changed and who the changes are benefiting.
  4. Google’s Broad Core Updates aren’t targeted. Google’s John Mueller confirmed that the “Medic” update late last year was not targeting health related sites like many in our industry concluded.
  5. Is your site is no longer ranking? It’s best not to approach it from the idea of trying to find what to “fix”. Google is pretty smart. Try asking yourself why your site might not be viewed by Google as relevant anymore and work from there.



The industry as a whole loves to pour over these updates and the data gathered after they are released. What changed? Who’s winning? Who’s losing? How can you use that info to your advantage?

At Emu, our philosophy is the same as its always been. We design websites for people first and search engines second, and here’s why:

Google’s ultimate goal is to deliver perfectly relevant results to its end users, meaning that the algorithm is focused on user intent. This ultimately makes any attempt to game the system or to find a loophole to allow you to game the system fruitless at best, and self defeating at worst.

As Google continues to improve its algorithm, your site will either be relevant or it won’t. It’s best to play the long game and design your site and content to be as relevant to your target marketing as possible.

This is why our favorite motto is “Esse Quam Videri”. It means “To be, rather than to seem.”