One of the fun things about marketing, especially digital marketing, is that there is always something new to learn about. In the last few years one of the most important new ides is predictive marketing. This week, we are exploring this idea. Read on to learn about the rise of predictive marketing, predictive analytics, and how you can use it to your advantage.

What Even Is Predictive Marketing?

Predictive marketing uses data in order to determine which campaigns are most likely to succeed for a given company. We’ve written in the past about the importance of data in marketing, and predictive marketing is a prime example of that.

How Does It Work?

There are a few different frameworks for predictive marketing. Every company and service uses a slightly different setup. However, there are general steps that are easy to understand, even for someone with no experience in digital marketing.

  • Start by analyzing past marketing campaigns, find what worked and what did not.
  • Determine why those efforts did or did not work in the past.
  • Put together multiple ideas for campaigns, use the data that has been gathered in order to predict their performance.
  • Use the campaign or components that are likely to perform the strongest, per the data science.

What Is So Special About Predictive Marketing?

Predictive analysis is where man meets machine. Computers run all the models and produce the data. However, humans make the ultimate decisions when it comes down to it. There are marketing decisions that are entirely automated. However, running on pure data is not always the best option.

The human component is particularly important for the business to business aspect of marketing. Businesses have many different needs compared to a person. Marketing to a business is marketing to an entity, rather than an individual.

What Is The Difference Between Predictive Marketing And Predictive Analysis?

The short answer is: marketing uses analysis.

Predictive analysis is the automated part of the process where the computer uses the data to analyze the potential behind the appeal. Marketing is when human beings implement decisions based on analysis.

Data science is a tool for both processes. However, marketing takes the process just a bit further. Additionally, predictive analysis is a little less focused on the past. It takes what it needs to from past campaigns to conduct analysis. On the other hand, marketing really looks at the past successes in order to construct a successful future.

What Types Of Campaigns Can This Process Produce?

Predictive marketing helps with all sorts of campaigns. Everything from physical, television, auditory, all the way to digital. However, it certainly shines strongest with digital marketing because the data is much more readily available and clear cut.