Small business web design can potentially get mired in too many technical details that makes far too many business websites look extremely cluttered. When you have a small business, you’re out to make a quick impression, and your site has to be designed with thoughtful care. The best approach to that is to think about how you’d react to your site if you were a customer. Thinking from the customer frame of mind is going to already place you on a smarter business road.
Communicating Directly to the Customer Through Design
Before going for a website design, research what kind of customers you’ll be bringing in. This might mean using your intuition in some cases. In other cases, you should gain definitive information on how your customers think and what they’re most apt to buy. Your website design should be built with a structure that attracts those customers, whether through the use of graphics, web copy or page organization.
No matter what that demographic might be, though, it’s best to keep everything as simple as possible. The simpler the navigation, the faster it is the customer will gain information about your product and be willing to buy that product.
Condensing Web Copy
A huge mistake made by many small business websites is employing too much text. The thought may be that using extensive graphics could cost too much money. This isn’t true, and we here at Emu Web Design can design a website for you at affordable rates while incorporating every media element. But when you decide to write web copy on your site, it’s best to get straight to the point and not create long paragraphs.
If your website is nothing but text, chances are you’ll experience higher bounce rates.
Tell a Story on Your Website About Who You Are
A new small business should integrate video, pictures and text to tell a compelling story to customers so they can learn about you. This can be shifted later to an “About Us” page once you’re established. To the customer frame of mind, though, they’ll want to know everything about you from the first page. Having an interesting video story about your business and brand as a lead-in page will do wonders in gaining customers who like who you are.
The important thing is to be as open as possible about your background so customers can connect with you on a personal level. That includes providing direct links to your social media pages.
Contact us if you want us to design a small business website for you with a focus on the customers. Representing the Tampa Bay, Florida area, Emu Web Design and Consulting has an award-winning team of website designers that will take you step by step through the design process. You’ll be happy with the results, because we have a strong mix of technology and business strategy to fully implement everything you need.