Think about your social media experience. If you’re like most people, it probably begins on your mobile device, and it probably changes from moment to moment. Your friends are always posting new content, and every time you check your Facebook or Twitter you see something new.
This is why marketing on Social Media is an ongoing process. If you want to achieve the top-of-mind awareness of your customers, you’ll have to stay near the top of their news feeds without (and here’s the kicker) annoying them to death.
This is one reason why Emu websites are set up to push update any blog posts made through them to your companies social media pages. It gives your fans on social media an opportunity to be touched by your brand.
In addition, if they are interested in an article or blog that you post and click on it, it takes them outside their social media site to your website to read it. The effect of this is twofold: first, it registers hits on your website with search engines. Second, in reduces your bounce rate as customers stay on your website to read the article they are interested in. This tells search engines like Google that people who visit your site and finding what they are looking for there.
Social media is just one tool we use to empower your business to success. If you are interested in how Emu can help you harness the power of your business today, please give us a call.