Learning how to generate SEO content is something that many business owners struggle with. It is no wonder that content creation presents so many challenges when people have so many other responsibilities to worry about. In this article we are helping you up your efficiency by explaining how to generate multiple pieces of  SEO content from one idea.

We are outlining how to complete this process one way, but you can always reorder or structure these suggestions to suit your company best.

Generate Ideas

The key part to starting with one idea is figuring out ideas in the first place. Generating ideas is something that plenty of people find challenging. So how do you go about it?

Keyword Explorers

Keyword explorers are a good option for anybody unsure about how to write about their business. For keyword explorers, simply type in a keyword pertinent to your business, and it will pull up a litany of other words. These other words are potential topics for content for your business. We do not recommend any particular keyword explorer, but there is a plethora of options.

Answer Questions

One of the other options for business owners is much simpler than a keyword explorer. In short – just answer questions. More specifically, answer questions that you frequently get from customers. For example, if you run an HVAC business, customers might ask you “How do I change my air filter?” It is pretty fair to assume that most homeowners probably have that question. Why not create content around it?

Outline The Content

Now it is time to actually create content! Whether you are making a video or a blog post, they need an outline. Write a short introduction, then outline the headings and subheadings you need to fill out the blog or script. Make sure that you have enough content for at least a 500-word blog post or a few minute long video.

Time To Talk It Out

Now it is time to either record the video or write the article. However, there is an easier way to construct a blog post than writing – speaking. Using the voice to text feature on your computer saves a significant amount of time. Most humans speak about 150-160 words per minute, but the average typing speed is 40 words per minute. Dictating your article or recording it as a video is about four times as fast as writing.

Translate The Format

If you made a video, transcribe it into a blog post. If you write a blog post, record a short video talking through it. Instantly, you double your content on a single topic. Additionally, you can translate either of these formats into an isolated audio for a podcast.

Pull Out The Best Bits

Now, we can use the same article, video, and audio trio to flesh out your business’s social media. Isolate the best quotes from the already made content to repost on your Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, you can use tools such as Photoshop or Canva to turn the quote into a beautiful visual for Instagram or Pinterest.