A few ways to help you get better a closure rate on your paid ads

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A Better Closure Rate on Your Google Ads If you want to make a big impact quickly, in most cases you really can't do better than Google Ads. However, not every potential customer is ready to pull the trigger right now. In this article, the Emu team will explore some of the ways you might be [...]

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5 Online Marketing Ideas for Small Business That Get Results

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Many small business owners are experts at what they do. When it comes to marketing online, however, many employ strategies or waste energy on tactics that just flat out don't work. Even worse, some of these tactics might end up hurting their business in the long run. At Emu, our job is to guide our clients [...]

Is DIY SEO a Thing? How Do You Do Your Own SEO?

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So You Want to Do Your Own SEO. This is a question most business owners always ask us, especially if they are "nuts and bolts" types at heart. Deep down, I think many of them are really asking "Is SEO something I can do myself and save money on? How do you do your own SEO? [...]

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