A mistake that many businesses make is thinking that they can simply set their SEO campaign and walk away from it. SEO is constantly changing and just because a business updated it’s campaign a few weeks ago doesn’t mean it’s not out of date.
New updates from Google are typically the driving force in changes in SEO. Announcements from other search engines and review websites are important as well, but an update from Google can change a business’ entire strategy.
The newest update from Google is Panda 4.0. This update, unlike previous ones, is a fundamental change in Google’s algorithm. It’s already having an effect on SEO and page ranking. Businesses now have to adapt their strategy to take the update into account.
A recent Huffington Post article discusses the effect of Google updates on SEO. According to the article, businesses should keep up to date with trends in SEO so their campaigns don’t become outdated:

“With the recent Panda 4.0 Google algorithm update, SEO is beginning to change in 2014. Changing best practices, keywords and relevancy are just some of the issues businesses now face. It is important to keep up with the latest trends in the space so that your business doesn’t find itself on the wrong side of a Google manual penalty that keeps you from showing up in Google’s organic results.”

While this specific update from Google is certainly important, the real message from the article is that businesses always have to stay informed about such updates. If a company only focuses on this new alteration in the algorithm, they’ll likely fall behind in a few short months. New updates from Google are about the only sure thing in SEO.
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