Consumers are turning to the Internet more and more before making a purchase. Rather than listening to the advice of friends and family, many consumers are now reading about different brands and companies on the Internet. Assuming that this trend will only become stronger, SEO is now more important than ever.
A recent study conducted by Fleishman Hillard shows the influence the Internet has on purchase-making decisions. According to the survey, majority of consumers now consult the Internet before making purchases concerning electronics, travel, and leisure:

“93 percent indicated that the Internet helped them to compare options while contemplating a consumer electronics purchase.  And when it comes to saving money, 88 percent credited the Internet with getting the most of their dollar in travel and leisure, while 87 used the Internet to save money on education.”

There are various places in the Internet where consumers can research, however, and many businesses want to invest in the most popular one. SEO still remains one of the most important elements of digital marketing.
According to the survey, search engines are still the most popular tool consumers use when researching brands and companies:

“Internet search engines continue to be the most prominent tool consumers rely upon to help make purchase decisions (89 percent), indicating the ongoing importance of a strong search engine optimization strategy.”

The major findings of the survey can be broken down into two simple facts: a heavy majority of consumers are researching their purchases on the Internet, and an overwhelming majority of those consumers use search engines as their main tool.
These findings reinforce the investments that companies make in SEO. Businesses need to be accessible on search engines, because they’re the most influential tool in purchases today. A moderate investment in SEO can increase a brand’s exposure in search engines, ultimately opening the door for new customers.
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