Starting a new business can be exciting and adventurous, but it can also be anxiety-inducing.  There’s so much on your to-do list already—business plan, marketing strategy, tax preparation, target audience research, and more.  And now you realize that you need a professional website as well.
Don’t panic—we’re here to help!  Here at Emu Web Design, we work with our customers to understand their needs.  We’ll sit down with you personally to discuss options and come up with the best fit for your business website.
Comprehensive Packages
Let us handle all of the website work while you focus on the important aspects of getting your business off the ground.  We have comprehensive packages that cover it all—SEO reports, branding techniques, WordPress setup, social media setup, web and mail hosting, and personalized training so you can run everything smoothly.
We’ll Research Your Field
To ensure that we know exactly how to design your website, we do competitor research for you before we build your site.  This way you can have an edge over your competition and be at the top of your field.  You’ll enjoy the benefits of a design specifically crafted by professionals to put you in the lead.
Stunning Website Appearance
These days it isn’t enough to have a mediocre-looking website.  In order to draw in customers, you need a modern, top-notch design.  Emu provides websites that are elegant, functional, and personally tailored to suit your branding style.
And don’t worry about losing support once your website goes live.  We’ll be with you the entire time with helpful optimization tips and SEO research to ensure that you keep up if things change in your field.  Emu is committed to keeping your brand in tip-top shape so your online presence can flourish.  If this all sounds good and you’re ready to start, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We’re always eager to serve you!