There is always a new design trend, style, app or technology. Website designs are always adapting to changes in trends and user behavior. Content must be consistently updated to remain relevant so they continue to attract users and search engines. To remain relevant on the web and provide visitors with the best experience, businesses must maintain regular updates in line with the latest changes.
We all know when something in the physical world isn’t fresh. Our noses tell us when it’s time to clean out the refrigerator. Our eyes tell us when it’s time to make a change in our wardrobe. Websites also have ways of signaling that they are not so fresh and in need of an update. Look at some indications that it’s time to update your Tampa web design.
Responsive to a Mobile World
Pew Research tells us “57% of American adults use their cell phone to go online. And 21% of cell phone owners say they mostly access the internet using their phone.” If your website it designed to be viewed only on desktop monitors, it is probably frustrating a large number of mobile users trying to visit it on their mobile phones. Mobile users have to constantly resize and scroll to find content on standard websites. Responsive design adapts your website to the screen being used to view it.
Manageable Content
To keep any website fresh and up to date, images, articles, menus and office information should be updated often. If your website has not been updated in a few years, and you may need to call your webmaster to take care of these tasks, it’s a sign that you need a good content management system (CMS). A CMS makes it easy for non-technical people to add, edit and remove content at any time, and from virtually anywhere with internet access.
Easy to Find
The best website will not do you much good if people cannot find it with search engines. While a website must appeal to human visitors, search engines must be factored into the design and content. Search engines can only read text, so if your website is built in Flash, or has a lot of graphical text they cannot see it. SEO best practices will help search engines to find your page so users can too.
The internet has become a place for people to socialize. The core of your business is its website, yet many of your customers may prefer to interact with you through their favorite social media channels. This is an opportunity to expand your online presence by letting them follow and connect socially. Use whichever social channels are most popular in your industry — Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc. Be sure to add the links to them on your website.
Your website largely determines how the world perceives your business. Whether an update or a complete overhaul is what your website needs, Emu Web Designs has the expert team capable of doing it right. Contact us for more information about what we can do for your website.