There are a lot of options available for building a website. Why should you get a custom designer? Here are three reasons:
1. Personal Attention
A custom web designer will listen to your needs and will usually provide you with support for your site after it goes live. Want exactly what you want, and need to make sure that it works just as planned? There’s no substitute for going custom. Also, most custom site designers maintain portfolios that they use for attracting future clients – so they really have an incentive to build something great, just for you.
2. Advanced Features
There are a lot of automated instant website builders out there. Because these services cater to people with a large variety of needs, their products are often overused (making your site not all that unique) and overcoded, resulting in site slowdown. They are also not optimized for SEO, effectively making them electronic brochures. A custom designer will code a site exactly to your needs, and can therefore do all kinds of precise optimizations to ensure that the end product runs as quickly as it can. With complete control of the site’s code, a custom designer can also implement impressive features into the design that might otherwise be difficult to put in. Pixel-perfect mobile functionality? No problem. Impressive, fast-loading animations? Done.
3. Beautiful Design
People might come to your site to find a product or service, but often they’re drawn into it by an impressive or memorable design. For a professional, high level website, a generic WordPress template is just not going to cut it. A skilled designer can create a stunning, impactful design that will resonate in the minds of prospective customers for a long time to come. Great design doesn’t just look good – it makes you as a site operator look good, too.
Sound good to you? Get in touch with a great custom designer. Emu Web Design can build you a great looking and running site designed from the ground up to suit your needs. Contact us today!