While some may find this shocking, certain businesses still feature a “wall of text” on their websites. The term itself is so accurate that it immediately conjures an image in the mind. We’ve all read articles or websites that present their text in such a fashion, and therefore can identify with this feeling of frustration.
If a business still has plain, non-formatted text on their website, they should change it immediately. While the goal of a large paragraph is to inform readers, it often has the opposite effect. No matter how enticing or interesting the topic is, readers will lose their focus if the text isn’t legible.
The real problem, however, probably lies within the company’s web design. There’s a good chance that if a company has had a wall of text on their website for a few years, their web design probably isn’t modern or updated as well. An outdated web design coupled with a wall of text is like seeing a “ONE WAY” sign that directs you away from the website.
This combination shows that a business isn’t keeping up-to-date. And if their website doesn’t look like it’s from 2014, who’s to say their business practices, products, and services aren’t outdated as well?
Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. They’re not just visiting your website, they’re taking a look at your competitors’ as well. When this happens, do you want your company to be seen as modern, updated, and informed, or behind-the-times, outdated, and careless?
Fortunately, your business has total control over its web design. You can’t stop competitors from having a first-class design, but you can construct the best possible website to give customers a good impression of your company.
Alternatively, businesses can outsource their website design to professionals. This ensures that they have the best possible web page without having to hire a permanent employee.
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