What Makes a Great Logo?
We have a lot of clients approach us about designing the logo for their business, and many have an idea already of what they want it to look like. Many times, however, the direction they want to go is counterproductive to what they are trying to accomplish.
Great and memorable logos don’t have to be complicated. Quite the opposite actually… in no other area of graphic design does “less is more” apply more meaningfully than in the area of logo creation.
Think about some of the famous logos you have seen. The “Apple” logo is a simple image of an Apple. The “Dell” logo is just the word “Dell” with the “E” tilted slightly. “Coca Cola” is just their name in a special font. Yet all of these companies would be instantly recognizable.
Excellent logo design can be summed up in 5 simple principles:
The logo must be simple. Less is more.
The logo must be memorable. Sticking in your mind is important.
The logo must be timeless. A rotary phone logo 20 years ago might not be as recognizable to today’s generation.
A logo must be applicable. Using a cool looking logo that can go more than one way in the minds of your customers minds can be a risky gambit, although this rule can be bent slightly. No one see’s the Apple logo and thinks of a fruit company (other than Forrest Gump), but Apple is an exception to the rule.
A logo must be appropriate. Yes, we have all seen the funny logos and slogans for septic tank companies (“We cater on weekends!”) and AC Contractors (“Your wife is hot! Call us!”). In the end though, professionalism will win they day over temporary gimmicks.
Follow these principles, and you are more likely to hit the mark in the minds of your customers.