How do I increase my Google ranking? What should I be doing as far as SEO?
These are great questions, and we get these a lot. Our best practice is to give you the full, unvarnished truth.
When it comes to search engine results, the truth is that no one can guarantee a #1 spot ranking in Google, and there are several good reasons for this.
A responsible website design company will tell you this right up front. If they tell you something different, then they are not being truthful.
Your Google ranking depends on many things:
1. It depends on the search keyword that users enter and the keyword(s) that you focus on with SEO.
2. It depends on your competition and what they are doing with their sites.
3. It depends on awesome content, user response, and backlinks to your site.
4. It depends on Google… Google’s algorithm is always changing.
To sum up good, responsible SEO done right: Patience and perseverance through these optimization and marketing techniques will continue to provide higher rankings on Google. Just like everything else in life, there is no free lunch or magic bullet. Hard work done right will get you there.
What we promise (and all that any responsible website designer can promise, if they are honest) is a boost in your current rankings. This is done through constant relevant and useful content updates (with help and information from you), keyword research and site optimization, social media integration and publishing, and many more enhancements we provide to you on a monthly basis.
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