Doctor in Medical Record's room.As the Affordable Care Act drives more patients into a search for medical services, now it is an optimal time to re-examine the viability of utilizing web-based methods of advertising to attract potential clients.  A properly constructed medical SEO package puts your business where internet-savvy customers can will find it, potentially giving you access to a larger client base.
Having a good online presence has several key benefits.  Here are a few to consider:
1)  A good SEO strategy offers you a chance to advertise and market your medical services effectively.
This is an important benefit, as your competitors in the health marketplace are also using advertising of one method or another.  Having a professional SEO strategy takes your game up a notch, allowing you to edge out the competition for prospective clients.
2)  A good SEO strategy allows you to manage and defend the reputation of your practice.
Internet reviews are rapidly becoming a major source of information concerning patient satisfaction.  Being the medical practice that is most easily accessible to the online community fosters an enhanced reputation for your business.  Additionally, some patients will make the connection that a modern website also indicates that a medical practice is tech-savvy.  In the minds of such patients, the connection is made that forward-thinking medical practices also use modern technology and methodologies in the matter of patient care.
3)  A good SEO package will also enhance the professional image of your practice.  
Fellow clinicians are not immune to the subtle benefits of a well-presented website.  Just as potential clients search the web for a medical practitioner, so too do other doctors.  Connections made with other health care providers in this way can increase referrals and build professional relationships.
4)  A good SEO package will save time for your staff.
Ask your receptionist and office manager how much time is spent every day in answering commonly asked questions by phone.  An SEO package will send inquiring people to your website, where they can find answers to questions such as where your office is located, what your business hours are, and which insurance companies you work with.  If your staff is largely freed of this task, their time can be spent more profitably on the smooth operation of your business day to day.
5)  A good SEO package will enhance patient services.
When an internet search sends a patient to your website, the patient can access downloadable patient forms and directions to your facility.  This will save time for your patient and smooth the registration process for your front office staff.
6)  A good SEO package will showcase your particular skill set.
By directing clients to your website, an SEO package allows you a platform to educate your clients via blogs and videos about what makes your practice unique.  Providing a wealth of information to existing and prospective clients will move patients in your direction.
7)  A good SEO package will allow you to speak to thousands of patients at one time.
Maintaining a strong web presence will put your name on the map for patients looking for answers to their healthcare issues.  And speaking to your patients via the internet lets them know that you are interested in helping them achieve their health goals.  Utilizing your website in this way also allows you to educate your patients about new developments or treatment options that you offer, making your website and practice their go-to spot for up-to-date information that is of direct value to them. This ultimately works for the continuing health of your patients as well as the financial health of your business.
If you would like more information about how to tailor an SEO package for your particular practice, please contact us.  We will be glad to share our expertise with you to increase traffic to your website and make it the premier destination for patient inquiries in your area.