Businessman calling by phone. Isolated on white background.Many companies trying to save money now turn to consultants for everything since you only pay for the services you receive. Web design consulting is no less popular for the same reasons, though companies realize the value of consultancies beyond just more affordability. Because consultants work in the field and for hundreds of different companies, they understand what’s really going on in the real world of web design.
If you have an in-house web designer who’s updated your site periodically over the years, there isn’t any guarantee they’ll truly know what works in today’s business climate. They’ll only know what they’ve done for you and not what’s working for all those other companies competing with you.
You can expect true expertise with us here at Emu Web Design. Our consultancy experience hones in on specific areas of web design where you need special attention. We’ll center in on details for each one so they adhere to the current trends. This yields the best results and gains the most visitors than you ever thought you’d achieve.
Focus on SEO
If you have any experience with SEO, you now how elusive it is to understand and use correctly for search engine effectiveness. Through our work for hundreds of other companies, we have an astute understanding of what kind of SEO works today.
As part of our recurring services, you’ll have monthly SEO keyword research done by our team so you’ll know which keywords perform the best. We’ll also create them for you, plus send you analytic reports so you’ll see proof of how well those keywords attract your demographics.
This kind of SEO service is hard to find, and it isn’t more valuable than now in such a crowded online world.
Smarter Attention to Mobile Web Design
You likely know about responsive web design for mobile websites. Perhaps you’ve put off creating a mobile website all this time because you thought it would take too much time or wouldn’t get done accurately. As design consultants, we’ll remove this burden and provide responsive design that works for every mobile browser.
It’s always a challenge to have a website function properly for every type of browser and mobile device. Regardless, we’ve designed websites for every mobile browser in the world. Our expertise is second to none, which means you won’t have a design that needs correcting multiple times.
You can also expect convenience in our web design to include easy social media and email marketing integration. We even provide tools for web advertising so your website truly gets noticed.
Contact us here at Emu Web Design and we’ll prove to you how consultants are better in real-world knowledge and without making second-guesses on design trends.