A combination of the words web and blog, a blog is a series of short entries called posts that appear in date order, with the most recent ones showing first. Posts can contain news, information or promotions. A blog may also have comment areas that allow users to say how they feel and blog owners to respond to users. It offers several advantages for your affordable web design:
It keeps potential customers coming back to your site. As long as your blog provides information that users find helpful, they will come back to read what you say. They may even subscribe to your posts, enabling you to automatically send information about your company to willing readers. Certain posts can then channel those readers to your products and services on the rest of your site.
Your posts raise your site’s Google ranking. One of the ways Google Search judges the relevance of your site is by how new the content is. Writing something new everyday on a standard website may be difficult unless your business puts out new products and services everyday. A blog, on the other hand, is designed for new content. You can write about practically anything related to your business everyday, keeping your Internet present fresh in Google’s eyes.
It’s an easy way for you and your customers to interact. You can communicate business plans, new products, and additional services in your posts. If your blog contains comment boxes, customers can easily tell you how they feel about your changes or any problems they have. You can either quickly respond to any issues before they get blown out of proportion or change your business strategies based on customer feedback.
Creating a blog costs little to nothing, making it a perfect addition to affordable web design. For more information on how to do this, contact us.