The right images to complement your advertising campaign can really make or break the connection to your target audience. There is a need to keep things new and fresh. However, finding just the right image can be time consuming and costly, especially if you are always on the hunt for new images with each campaign. But Microsoft Advertising has recently made this search so much simpler with a new announcement.

The Announcement

Microsoft Advertising announced recently that they are beginning a partnership with Shutterstock. Shutterstock is an online library of stock photography. A key component of this partnership gives Microsoft Advertising users access to over 320 million digital images for free for their campaigns. This partnership will allow you access to a wide variety of photos and images to better connect with your target audience. Finalizing your ad campaign creation process will be much smoother, faster, and simpler. This is especially true if did not have access to a stock image library in the past. All of this means that you will be better able to define your brand by adding new images to each and every campaign that align with your specific goals. The image library access will be available first for advertisers who are part of the Microsoft Audience Network Beta.

How It Works

To access the Shutterstock library when building a new campaign, you must click on “Add Images” then “Stock Images.” These stock images will be pulled from Shutterstock’s library. You can then include whatever key terms you are looking for in the images.

Do not any images you choose; they must be used as they are. If there is a watermark in the image search, not to worry, it will not show up in your campaign. Also, any images you choose for your campaign must still adhere to Microsoft’s image policy. Creators need to use the images exclusively in ads that they create in Microsoft Advertising. Lastly, designers cannot use the images in a logo, trademark, or service mark.

How To Access

If you are interested in joining the beta, then you can reach out to your Microsoft Advertising account representative. If you do not currently have a Microsoft Advertising account representative, you can submit your interest directly to Microsoft through a form available here. Once the form is submitted, you should gain access to the beta within 1-2 weeks.

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