If you are starting a new company or project, the process is always exciting. Many business owners are eager to share their hard work with people, and that can be achieved through marketing. Unfortunately, in this eagerness it is easy to make a misstep. Digital marketing is particularly prone to mistakes because of how often the digital landscape changes. Read on to learn about the most common digital marketing mistakes.

Not Setting Goals

One of the most important steps for any form of marketing is setting goals. Without a target to hit, you cannot aim your digital marketing. Judging the success of marketing relies heavily on statistics. With digital marketing, there are multiple platforms and a deluge of different statistics to look at.

Once you establish goals, you can build an entire digital marketing strategy. An established strategy allows your digital marketing team to make content that is both consistent and unified.

Simply Churning Out Content

Digital marketing relies heavily on consistent production of content. It is not enough to simply post a few things on social media and hope for the best. However, it is still important to find that delicate balance of quantity and quality.

Put your content production on a regular, but manageable, schedule to avoid useless content. Posting mediocre content five times a week is, at best, wasting time and therefore money. On the other hand, posting good, targeted content two times a week can generate interest and leads for your business.

Ignoring Emails

With the rise of social media marketing, many people seem to assume that email marketing is a thing of the past. Many professional marketers will tell you that this simply isn’t true.

As both school and work turn to digital communication, people rely heavily on their inboxes. People even get their news through their emails now. Think of how many people check their inbox daily and what those eyes can do for your business.

Obviously, it isn’t enough to simply type up a quick note and press send. To make your business stand out, your emails should be well designed and in step with the rest of your digital marketing. Use the email as a tool to help you achieve your goals within your digital marketing strategy.

Undervaluing Mobile Marketing

Today, most Americans own smartphones, some people even use their smartphones as their main access point to the Internet. This should be evident in your marketing strategy. Don’t ignore mobile formatting on your emails or webpage. Double check that your social media and video content are easy to access on a phone.

Misunderstanding Social Media Timing

Social media is one of the most constantly shifting parts of the Internet. Each platform has a different personality and different concerns. Remaining topical on social media is difficult to keep up with, particularly if your business appeals to a younger demographic. With the fast pace of social media, many business owners feel as though they should see immediate results from social media marketing. Social media trends have a tendency to show exponential growth. Which means that they start off slow and steady, and shift into rapid growth at a specific turning point. Have some patience with your social media content and you will see the returns.