As we have written in the past, digital marketing is an increasingly interdisciplinary field with increasingly interdisciplinary jobs. There are opportunities for growth in nearly every facet of the industry. Read on to learn the most in-demand jobs in digital marketing this year.

Digital Content Writer

Digital content writers produce whatever content a business needs at a given time. For instance, in articles, web pages, infographics, and social media posts. Occasionally content writing includes ebooks or instruction manuals as well. Content writers’ jobs include writing on diverse subjects. They write on anything from medical conditions to legal issues to construction work. Content writers make content that draws people to a specific website or profile.

Email Marketer

The majority of people in America elect to communicate electronically, so it makes sense that email marketing is important. We’ve written about the importance of email marketing in the past. Pay per click ads offer 23% return on investment (ROI), social media ads and direct mail campaigns produce about 30% ROI each, and email campaigns produce an unbelievable 124% ROI. Emails can be in newsletter forms, offer a discount, or suggest exclusive products.

SEO Analyst

An SEO analyst checks a website to make sure that website has the best keywords and phrases to show up in search engine results. Search engine results are important to a business, particularly local search engine results. SEO analysts oftentimes put together strategies to help a company maintain or improve the SEO on their website. This position is highly data-driven, so it requires someone who is good at numbers and research.

Content Strategist

Content strategists are the planners of digital marketing. A strategist plans what type of content needs to go where, as well as the subject of the content. They act as the middleman of content production; using data from analysts to build a schedule for creators to follow. Typically, the plans include the company website, social media, email campaigns, YouTube or video channels, and any other marketing campaigns. The goal of a strategist is to create a cohesive voice and palette for the company that all content can follow.

Digital Marketing Analyst

A digital marketing analyst is a data scientist who looks at how a business is marketing itself and ROI for that marketing. ROI is the acronym for return on investment. A return on investment measures how much value a business earns back from putting money into a specific investment. Typically, the higher the ROI is, the more effective the marketing campaign is. If the ROI is low, a digital marketing analyst targets the problem. An analyst can also act as a strategist, however, as an analyst, their only obligation is to indicate the high and low spots of a marketing campaign.

Paid Search Analyst

Paid search analysts manage the pay-per-click (PPC) strategies for the company. PPC is when a business pays a search engine to have their website linked at the top of a search. Paid search analysts help a company determine which PPC strategies will work from them. This includes looking at ROI on various terms and what phrases gave the highest ROI for that company.